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The Best of the Best – The Prisoner‘s Extended Content and Behind-the-Scenes Exclusives



The Prisoner Online Graphic Novel: In the online story, Rebecca searches for her missing sister, an investigation that leads her to The Village.


The Village Interactive Map: Take a virtual tour of the hospital where 313 works, the bus terminal where 147 works and the bar where 11-12 drinks.


Summakor’s S.W.A.T: Would you make a good analyst? Take this video-based test that assesses your observational skills.

social-poll-100.jpgSummakor’s Social Engineering Survey: What are your attitudes towards social engineering? What would you do to live a happier life?

inside-video-100.jpgVideo: Explanations of the Episodes: Writer Bill Gallagher discusses some of the major themes at play in each episode.

sneakpeek-100.jpgVideo: The Making Of: The cast and crew reflect on all six episodes and how each one was brought to life.

sand-mckellen-100.jpgVideo: Interview With Ian McKellen in Namibia: McKellen gives a lesson in the creation of desert sand dunes and has a word or two to share about Two.

jim-sand-100.jpgVideo: Filming, Day 1 With Jim Caviezel: Sand is the last thing that Caviezel wants more of after an intense day of filming in the Namibian desert.

ian-mckellen-interview-2-100.jpgVideo: Jamie Campbell-Bower Interviews Ian McKellen, Pt. 2: Campell-Bower incites McKellen to discuss what ignited his passion for politics.

palais-100.jpgIan McKellen’s Blog: A Tour of The Village and Palais Two: McKellen describes set locations for The Village and their real-life uses and history.


Photos: Episodes 1- 6: Relive the story through these photos highlighting some of the most dramatic moments in the AMC miniseries.

mask-100.jpgPhotos: Behind the Scenes: These photos document the cast and crew weathering sandstorms, rehearsing their scenes, and more.

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