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What’s Your Favorite Episode From AMC’s The Prisoner?

Two’s machinations to assimilate Six into The Village were as varied as the episodes of AMC’s miniseries — family counseling (Ep. 2, “Harmony”), matchmaking (Ep. 4, “Darling” ), death threats (Ep. 6, “Checkmate”). Have a favorite episode of The Prisoner miniseries? Be sure to vote for it! Need some help? Check out these handy recaps.

Episode 1, “Arrival”: Michael arrives in The Village and finds himself referred to as “Six.” (He also finds himself on the wrong side of Two.)

Episode 2, “Harmony”: In The Village, Six meets his brother and struggles with his memories; Two’s son 11-12 has questions about his own childhood.

Episode 3, “Anvil”: Six gets a job spying for Two, unaware that he too is being watched. Two visits with his wife, M2.

Episode 4, “Darling”: Six gets matched with 4-15 through The Village dating service, only to learn the pairing was manipulated by Two. 4-15 jumps into a hole and dies.

Episode 5, “Schizoid Man”: Six discovers he has an impostor, 2×6, out to kill Two. Meanwhile, Two’s own double, Untwo surfaces.

Episode 6, “Checkmate”: Six is dying, 11-12 commits suicide. Two abdicates and a new leader takes over The Village.


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