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Talk Forum – What You’re Saying

amc-the-prisoner-poster.jpg awards the Talk forum commenters quoted in our “What You’re Saying” posts with prizes like a Prisoner poster, Rover beach ball or Village map (limit one per person).

After watching the miniseries’ conclusion, commenters discussed the nature of The Village, debated whether Michael/Six’s decision to replace Two was justified, and wondered if Two was in fact a villain for creating The Village.

“A sad ending and commentary. Michael, who represents individuality and personal freedom — however flawed — is finally seduced by the chance to be God. And by doing so will take others’ individuality and personal freedom from them. Like his predecessor Two, he will eventually use tyranny to subjugate the others into his ‘vision of perfection.'” — DJT

“Six’s downfall, like Two said before, is that Six feels he can do a better job and make a perfect world — a perfect Village — which was Two’s intention from the beginning.This show much like the original is steeped in philosophy, so anyone looking for a concrete answer is going to be disappointed.” — Max

“Essentially, The Village isn’t real. But it is, in a sense. That is, the people in The Village are ALL experiencing this phenomenon, and it has bearing on their real life. But they aren’t physically in a different location, just in the subconscious of Two’s wife’s mind. Basically this show is all about symbolism and ideas of humanity.” – 6

“The whole struggle was exactly what Lucy told Michael (Six) when they met: They will execute you but they will call it a promotion. All Two wanted was OUT, meaning he had to promote someone in his place. That is why Six resigning was so important — he was the only one for the job. It was his conscience that entrapped him in his own sense of responsibility for these people.” — Trippie1100

“Two was actually not a villain. He carried loads of guilt for using these tactics, despite them not being overly harmful to the real-world patients. He continued to use these methods because he believed it was the only way to bring about the greater good for his patients. It can be argued that for those that were not happy in The Village, the fear being used to suppress them WAS actually damaging their real world self.” — Dallas

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