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The New York Times and The San Diego Union Tribune Tout Upcoming Miniseries The Prisoner

News outlets continue to lump praise on AMC’s miniseries: The New York Times calls it “clever and engaging,” while NY Metro calls it a “grand, terrifying meditation on freedom.”

The New York Times praised writer Bill Gallagher’s “clever and engaging” reinterpretation of The Prisoner. It also hails Ian McKellen, who plays the “wily, mercurial dictator” with “Shakespearean gusto.”

• In it’s three-star review of the miniseries, The San Diego Union Tribune says The Prisoner has “all the geek-friendly plot twists of a scifi cult show along with the big-budget sweep of a Major Television Event.” Calling AMC’s miniseries “smart and classy,” writer Karla Peterson explains it’s “full of hairpin turns that could lead to scifi nirvana…”

Chicago Now‘s RedEye interviewed Jamie Campbell Bower (11-12 in the miniseries), during which the actor explains why it “sucks” to have Two as your dad and describes his first meeting with McKellen: “I sort of started gushing,” Bower admits.

Metro NY called AMC’s The Prisoner a “brilliant” miniseries that “manipulates appearance and perception while deftly delving into themes of paranoia in a seemingly civilized, but truly authoritarian, society… The update is a mental chess match between McKellen and Caviezel, a grand, terrifying meditation on freedom versus conformity and state control.”

The Epoch Times reviewed The Prisoner, calling it a “cleverly constructed science fiction event that will definitely entertain newcomers to the Village and satisfy most cult followers of the original.” Writer Joe Bendel also praises the casting of Jim Caviezel (“An inspired choice. He has the right on-screen intensity as the defiant everyman,”) and Ian McKellen (“He is absolutely perfect as Two, reveling in every nefarious scheme.”).


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