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The New York Times and Associated Press Praise McKellen and The Prisoner

News outlets this week are buzzing about the upcoming AMC miniseries, with an extended feature in The New York Times, television appearances by Sir Ian McKellen on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Martha Stewart, a Jim Caviezel interview in USA Weekend Magazine, and a profile of Jamie Campbell-Bower in OK!

The New York Times ran a profile of the miniseries this week, spotlighting Ian McKellen, Jim Caviezel and Ruth Wilson as well as writer Bill Gallagher. In the piece, writer Larry Rohter praises the show’s “thoroughly revamped take on one of the most enduring television artifacts of the counterculture era.” Gallagher explains how he approached the challenge of reimagining the original series — to “pay homage and yet be different,” while McKellen hints at the expanded role Six’s tormentor Two is given (“Here I felt I was playing a real person,” he says.)

• In a profile of McKellen, The Associated Press praised The Prisoner as “fun (and mind-expanding),” citing the miniseries’s “startling, always eye-popping meditation on freedom.” Writer Frazier Moore describes Two as a “charismatic, delicately despotic boss,” played by McKellen with a “suave, creepy-reassuring manner.”

• McKellen appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show last week to discuss the modern-day themes of the miniseries: “It’s about life today and surveillance and all sorts of things that are rather worrying,” he says. Here’s the the link in case you missed it.

• Not to be outdone, Martha Stewart brought McKellen on her show to discuss The Prisoner and to help her bake a batch of tasty chocolate hazelnut cookies. (You only think they’re fat-free.)

• AMC hosted a special screening of The Prisoner in New York City last week. Check out red carpet photos of Sir Ian, Jim Caviezel, Ruth Wilson, Lennie James, Jamie Campbell-Bower and director Nick Hurran!

USA Weekend Magazine published a feature on Caviezel, who admits his partiality to Obi-Wan Kenobi and explains he took on the role of Six “because anything that makes me scared, I’m kind of drawn to.”

OK! Magazine spotlights actor Jamie Campbell-Bower, who explains that in order to play the son of Ian McKellen, “I stole everything from him. Not material possessions, but I tried to steal the way he speaks and acts.”

Cablespots ran a feature highlighting the unique programming AMC is employing with commercial spots during The Prisoner broadcast. “Taking off on the mysteries contained in the series itself,” the trade article explains, “the [network] is running bumpers featuring star Jim Caviezel with cryptic messages and images. Viewers are told to stay tuned through the next ad to see what the message or image is all about.”


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