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The Prisoner Novelization Now Back in Bookstores

This week, publisher Penguin re-released the highly respected novelization of the ’60s series. Like the show on which it is based, author Thomas M. Disch’s take combines “elements of a spy thriller with the Orwellian tropes of science fiction,” according to the publisher.

Disch, who passed away last year at the age of 68, was a Hugo-award winning writer, poet and critic. Although his Prisoner adaptation came out in ’69, Disch is primarily identified with the New Wave scifi novelists of the ’70s, including Ursula Le Guin and Philip K. Dick. He is most famous for his novels, Camp Concentration (1968), 334 (1972), and On Wings of Song (1979), all of which are routinely listed as among the best scifi stories of all time.

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