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Summakor Website – Another Online Look at The Prisoner

By now, you’ve taken a sneak peek at The Prisoner‘s characters and setting. Next take a look at Summakor (a corporation featured in the AMC miniseries) via the company website. The site outlines Summakor’s various areas of expertise and allows  visitors to check out its patent-pending technologies such as ObservationMob (which coordinates crowd-sourced surveillance) and Worm Cams (which bring fiber optics into the realm of the bio-mechanical).

You can also assist the company via a social engineering survey, which gauges your opinions on hot-button topics like genetic engineering and biochemical therapy. Finally, see if you’ve got what it takes to be a Summakor analyst with the company’s Surveillance Watcher Aptitude Test (S.W.A.T). When you’re done, sign up for the Summakor mailing list.


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