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Video: The Prisoner Comic-Con Preview: This nine-minute trailer gives you a good look at McKellen as Two and Jim Caviezel as Six.

read-through-100.jpgVideo: The First Read-Through: Ian McKellen and Jim Caviezel disclose that the first reading is often the most difficult.

sneakpeek-100.jpgSneak Peek: The Making Of: Reflections from Ian McKellen, Jim Caviezel, Lennie James, Jamie Campbell-Bower, Ruth Wilson, and Hayley Atwell.

trailers-cape-town-100.jpgWrap-up Video: Last Day of Production: When the last scene wrapped, the crew burst into applause, and Jim Caviezel started waxing about Tennessee Williams.

sand-mckellen-100.jpgVideo: Interview With Ian McKellen in Namibia: Ian McKellen gives a lesson in the creation of desert sand dunes and has a word or two to share about Two.

jim-sand-100.jpgVideo: Filming, Day 1 With Jim Caviezel: Sand is the last thing that Jim Caviezel wants more of after an intense day of filming action scenes in the Namibian desert. 

ian-mckellen-interview-2-100.jpgVideo: Jamie Campbell-Bower Interviews Ian McKellen, Pt. 2: Jamie Campell-Bower listens in as McKellen discusses what ignited his passion for politics.

palais-100.jpgIan McKellen’s Blog: A Tour of The Village and Palais Two: Ian McKellen describes set locations for The Village and their real-life uses and history.


Video: Building The Village: Production Designer Michael Pickwoad discusses the challenges of creating The Village while we get a sneak peek tour of the set.

mask-100.jpgProduction Diary: Actors and Dust Storms Arrive in Swakopmund:’s multimedia producer shares his concern that sandstorms will threaten shooting.

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