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Jack “King” Kirby’s “Lost” Comic Book Version of The Prisoner

Little known fact: Legendary comic book artist Jack “King” Kirby did a version of The Prisoner that never officially saw the light of day. He never finished it, true — some parts aren’t inked, others have temporarily scrawled in dialogue — but that  incompleteness makes the artwork that much more fascinating.

At one time, pages were reprinted in The Jack Kirby Collector, Volume 11 but that’s now out-of-print and even the major online booksellers and auction sites rarely have that volume for sale. Nowadays, your best chance to see this strip is online.

Two sites provide access to this “missing” work.

At, Charles Hatfield has written an incredibly thorough analysis of the Jack Kirby piece.

For a more complete collection of what Kirby created, take a look at this blog post from the Datajunkie blog.

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