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The Prisoner 1960s – Vote for Your Favorite Maxim

One of the things that sets The Prisoner series (from the 1960s) apart from other TV shows of its time is the painstaking detail put into every aspect of The Village. Take the maxims found — and heard — everywhere. In keeping with the paranoia cultivated by the various No. 2s, many of The Village Maxims at first seem patriotic and empowering, then on closer inspection, prove restrictive and threatening. Not unlike the Nazis, who told their prisoners that “work will make you free,” the Village overseers abound aphorisms intended to subjugate: “A still tongue makes a happy life.” Some of these saying are disturbing; other are hilarious. Some are subtle and clever; others, blunt and pointed. What’s your favorite? Vote below. If you don’t see it, let us know in the comments section below.

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