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Prisoner Producers Assure TCA New Version Is Distinct, Sun Sentinel, and Digital Spy are just a few of the news publications at the Winter TCA Press Tour that wanted to know if AMC’s miniseries The Prisoner would be anything like the 1960s series. Producer Trevor Hopkins and director Nick Hurran made it clear that although they are fans of the ’60s series, this is no remake. Said Hopkins, “We wanted to reinterpret it as a thriller. We wanted it to be as unfathomable as the original.”

One specific distinction: Unlike the original which
featured an all-British cast, AMC’s production has a more international mix.
Director Nick Hurran explained to ZAP2IT that
“it would have been a little parochial” to make a 21st-century version
of the show so Brit-centric,” while Ian McKellen added that “to have an
American (Jim Caviezel) at the center of it seems appropriate in a way
that it wouldn’t have been for the original.” 

As to what would remain the same, the cast and crew refuse to reveal specifics. Digital Spy asked about the Rover — the menacing white balloon
sent to hunt down No. 6 and any others trying to escape the Village.
“I’m not going to comment on Rover,” said
executive producer Michele Buck. Director Nick Hurran only teased
further: “Rover may make an appearance.”

In sadder news, Patrick McGoohan, star and creator of the original
series passed away on Tuesday at the age of 80. To learn more about the
original series, click here.

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