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Production Diary Week 17 – Back In the Sand Again

Kerrin Kokot,’s multimedia producer, discusses the 17th week of shooting.

Our production was feeling a bit nostalgic this week for the days of sandstorms and headed to the outskirts of Cape Town — a gritty destination for four-by-four enthusiasts looking for a few hours of dune hopping. Six’s car, a 6-gear (no pun intended) Japanese design, sped easily over the sand and made for quite the spectacle. The sand here is whiter than Namibia’s yellow dunes, but it still brought back memories of Namibia for us all.

A few days later, the cast and crew found themselves in completely opposite terrain. Ruth Wilson and Jim Caviezel spent Thursday shivering in the dark Huguenot Tunnel — a 4 km pipeline through the Worcester mountains — while zombie-like extras galloped up and down with dogs. The zombie and wolf presence made the naturally pitch-black tunnel seem supernatural and, I must say, totally creepy. It was odd to imagine that only a few days prior to this b-movie horror experience, we were all sitting pretty in Cape Town’s International Convention Centre — a place of glass, chrome and cappuccinos. Ah, civilization!

Production is slowly but surely coming to a close. It’s been a complex, surreal, adventure, and I can only imagine how the finished product will turn out. But stay tuned next week for more news from the set.

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