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Production Diary Week 15 – South Africa’s Big Apple

Kerrin Kokot,’s multimedia producer, discusses the 15th week of shooting.

The Prisoner recreated New York City in a little section of Cape Town this week: Taxis and cop cars cruised past newsstands and bus stops. Even Cape Town’s normally black traffic lights were plastered bright yellow to mimic the Big Apple’s. One interesting side note I learned is that the yellow color on New York cabs is actually copyright protected. To save on production costs, our designers opted for a slightly darker hue, which is really closer to orange than yellow. But see if you can spot the difference.

Meanwhile actors Jim Caviezel and Jeffrey Smith got on their holiday kits this Monday to go splashing in the pool — all in a day’s work here on set. Jeffrey was fitted in a Hawaiian shirt so loud you could hardly hear our booming assistant director, and Jim was wearing a tight-fitting pair of black swimming trunks that made more than a few heads turn his way.

We were filming at a holiday resort in the beautiful town of Worcester, about two hours out of Cape Town. Surrounded by green mountains, the place is bursting with vegetation and noisy birdlife — much to the consternation of our sound department. The resort also offers hot pools so even in the nippy spring air, Jeffrey and Jim were comfortably soaking in bath-warm water during the shoot. Jim tested the resort’s main water slide, then discussed its positive and negative attributes with nearby children. The way he deconstructed the slide made me think he must have a secret background in engineering.

Check back for more news from the set next week.

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