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Production Diary Week 13 – Lessons With Lennie

Kerrin Kokot,’s new multimedia producer, discusses the thirteenth week of shooting.

The Village is an impossible place to move into or out of without a treasure map of complex information. So, too, has this week’s production planted cast and crew in Cape Town’s most obscure nooks and crannies, from sky-rise apartments to an alarmingly Village-esque hospital hiding behind the walls of the Waterfront Mall.

Lennie James, known for his roles in Snatch and Jericho, meanwhile opened up to students at a nearby film school. The place was packed with students hanging on his every word. My favorite of his many stories was an explanation of how he got into acting: “You see,” he said, “there was this girl.” Basically, Lennie’s rugby-focused goals changed when the girl he fancied went to an audition. Fearing competition from talented, gorgeous young actors, he tagged along to keep an eye on her, but once there was told he couldn’t stay unless he auditioned.

The girl did not get a call-back. Lennie did.

Next week Lennie will be giving me a tour of The Village from the luxury of his character’s vehicle, and actor Jamie Campbell-Bower, who plays Two’s son, has promised a tour of the sets. I expect both experiences to be as surreal as the mini-series itself. I’ll keep you posted.

Image: Lennie James after speaking at nearby City Varsity film school

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