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Production Diary Week 12- The Prisoner Goes Clubbing

Kerrin Kokot,’s new multimedia producer, discusses the twelfth week of shooting.

The Bijou, previously an intimate cinema and now a derelict building on the outskirts of Cape Town city, is the building of choice for The Prisoner‘s club scenes. We’ve been ogling at it for two days now — a rusty, disintegrating masterpiece of architecture from the 1970s that nearly burned down a few years ago, according to a local shop owner and nearby resident. The walls are still fire-stained and the rust is as prominent inside as out. Ornate lanterns and penny-farthing bicycles hang from the ceiling, and artwork from the neighboring Blacksmith Forge hangs on the walls.

Across the road, a gothic club called Gandalf’s delighted Sir Ian McKellen with its appropriately named signboard. He hopped onto the small wall to give everyone a good photo opportunity. Meanwhile, inside Prisoner‘s club, Jim Caviezel negotiated his way around a variety of tattooed and corseted characters who were as extraordinary as their surroundings.

I visited the editors and got a sneak peak of the footage so far, which is so cinematic it looks more like a beautiful film than a television series. My photos, sadly, don’t do it justice.

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