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Production Diary Week 2 – Descent Into Swakopmund

Philip Francis,’s multi-media producer, discusses the second week of shooting in his production diary.

Conditions during the second week of production were much improved over the first, and everyone settled into a rhythm and good vibe that has since carried
throughout the production. Normally the weather in Namibia this time of year is quite comfortable, but for the East wind that drops the temperature to around 36 degrees Celsius — and, of course, brings sandstorms. During the week, we experienced two days of fog while shooting in the nearby sand dunes. The
temperatures were extremely cold, but the fog over the dunes made for quite a
beautiful sight.

Nature attempted once again to impede production while we were shooting on the beach this week. We were filming as the tide was coming in and almost got stuck in the sand. Quite a few vehicles broke down and the camera ended up in the water. Still, tides are far preferable to sandstorms — you can see and
avoid a wave; during a sandstorm all you can do is close your eyes.

Now we have moved production into Swakopmund; we’re shooting on “The
Village” set. Even though we are in town, our shoots are still mainly
outdoors, with most of the interior scenes to be filmed in South Africa in five
weeks time. So we’re taking advantage of the surroundings as much as possible:
The cast and crew have had the opportunity to interact with the locals (at least
the bartenders and barmaids) and sample some cuisine. I’m told the oysters are
spectacular, though due to my responsibilities for, my after-hours
meals generally involve take-away pizza.

Check back next week for more observations from the set. Until then, be seeing you.


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