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Production Diary Week 3 – Pleasantville

Philip Francis,’s multi-media producer, discusses the third week of shooting in his production diary.

After two weeks of excitement, the third week of production has been quite tame — days have gotten more normalized with a fixed schedule, so it’s less exciting than when the tide was going to wash us away, or when the wind was going to blow us away. Pretty much every one of the crew agrees those days made for one of the most exciting and interesting shooting experiences ever. Since then, the weather has been good, the hours are reasonable, and the crew is happy — it’s actually pretty pleasant.

That’s not to say there hasn’t been any drama — one of the construction guys got hit in the head with a nail gun and had to be sent to the hospital for stitches. Those construction guys are tough though. I also got to see an exciting scene involving a stunt double and a moving vehicle. Some new actors have also arrived on set, among them Hayley Atwell, who will be playing 4-15, and Snatch‘s Lennie James.

I’ve also conducted some exciting interviews thus far with the props master, the designer, and the costume designer, and video excerpts will be posted in this blog very soon. While I was chatting with the props master, the package he had been waiting for arrived and I was able to get a sneak preview of a special kind of camera that will greatly factor into the mini-series. It’s pretty cool.

Friday is our day off, and while the crew will likely gather in one of the local pubs (as a crew away from home tends to do) and the cast will gather together in a separate place, yours truly will be stuck in the A/V room readying more exclusive footage. I swear it’s just like high school all over again. Stay tuned.


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