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The Prisoner on the Web

Information. Information. Information.

There’s plenty of it online for The Prisoner, from fan sites and fan fiction to interviews and games. But since the show’s been around since 1967, scouring the web can lead to lots of out-of-date sites. This handy guide will get you to some of the best Prisoner spots on the Internet. (If we’ve missed anything, please let us know in the comments section below. We’re always happy to have more information.)

Fansites (in no particular order):

Six of One
Billing itself as The Official Prisoner Appreciation Society, Six of One has been a primary resource for fans since 1977. Not only is Patrick McGoohan the honorary president, each year Six of One hosts PortmeiriCon, a Prisoner Convention in Portmeirion, North Wales, the actual site of The Village.

The Unmutual Website
Given the show’s culture of paranoia, it’s only natural that The Prisoner‘s original fan site should have a splinter group. What distinguishes TUW from Six of One are its articles, discussions, and pieces of fan fiction that go way beyond the basic story.

The Prisoner Online
Cleanly designed and well-organized, The Prisoner Online lets the rumors fly on its forums. It also hosts some pages exclusively devoted to Danger Man, Patrick McGoohan’s spy drama that preceded The Prisoner.

The Prisoner U.S. Home Page
The core fanbase of the series is in the United Kingdom, but Stateside, the show gets some love from this fansite rich with theorizing and featuring a scannable page of memorable quotes.

Other noteworthy sites include Anorak’s Guide to The Prisoner, Free For All, The Information Page, Infotainment: The Prisoners, Joe Brae’s Prisoner Page, The Penny Farthing, Prisoner 404, The Prisoner 6, Songweaver Prisoner Page, and Take All Prisoners.

There are even fan sites in French (Le Fan Club du Prisonnier and Be Seeing You), German (Nummer Sechs), and Italian (Il Prigionireo).


1. Patrick McGoohan with Warner Troyer
In the ’70s, the show was rebroadcast in Canada where it was accompanied by
additional commentary and a revealing interview between the star Patrick McGoohan and TVOntario’s Warner Troyer.
Please note that this interview is broken into four parts online. Don’t
miss the later ones: Part 1, Part 2,
Part 3, Part 4.

2. The McGoohan-Troyer Transcript
If the YouTube quality of the video is too distracting, you’ll find a transcript of the interview
here. There are several versions available online, but this transcript also includes notes on audience

3. George Markstein Interview
And a great companion interview is that of George Markstein, co-creator, writer, and script editor of The Prisoner.


1. The Prisoner Game
You can go a bit of retro with this text-based game that emulates David Mullich’s Prisoner game from 1980.

2. Arvin W. Casas’ Village
This website is designed to simulate exploring The Village online as if you were Number 6.

3. GURPS Prisoner
Steve Jackson Games created this table top role-playing game so Number 6 — or Number 2 — wannabes could adventure in the world of The Prisoner. Though currently out-of-print, the book may be tracked down through one of the site’s listed game/book dealers.

4. Build The Village
The works already been done for this Lego version of The Village but perhaps the photos will inspired you to try it on your own.


Prisoner Message Board

Is he John Drake? Does Ralph Smart deserve royalties? Is Maxwell Smart’s middle name Ralph? All issues are fair game on The Prisoner Message Board. Sadly, at the moment there are enough posts on “discounted OEM software,” online casinos, and internet drug stores to merit an Orange Alert.

2. The Prisoner’s Dilemma of Ambiguity
This single article is about psychology as much as it is about the show. Read it to get a better analysis of the series and perhaps your own behavior.

3. A Prisoner in BONDage
This feature-length piece explores the relationship between The Prisoner and the James
Bond franchise: 007 meet Number 6.

4. The Prisoner’s Return

This website is definitely forward-thinking devoted as it is to how the series should continue.

Further Research:

1. Museum of Broadcast Communications
2. Internet Movie Database
3. RetroWeb
4. BBC Four (three mini-sites)
4a. BBC – My Science Fiction Life – The Prisoner
4b. BBC – Cult – The Prisoner
4c. BBC – Channel site
5. Wikipedia

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