• WARNING: Contains spoilers for Episodes 1-6

    M2 is the former Village Dreamer – in whose mind The Village existed – and the wife of the former Village leader Two. They lived together with their son, 11-12, in The Village's centrally-located Palais Two.

    M2 is also Helen, a former Summakor employee who experimented on human consciousness and behavior.

    The predominantly unconscious M2 leads a sheltered life in The Village. Each day her husband, Two, feeds her three mysterious pills -- a hallucinogen, a strong sedative and a third of unknown origin – from a locked safe in Palais Two. In this state, her mind is able to create and maintain The Village.

    There is a fourth type of pill in the cabinet, a black pill. One night, Two feeds M2 one of these and she immediately awakens. "Why this time?" she asks her husband. "I just needed to know that it was still possible," he explains. After dining over wraps, M2 asks about their son 11-12. "Our boy grew up," Two says. Taking a sip of wine, M2 falls back into her unconscious state.

    M2's awakening coincides with the appearance of holes throughout The Village, a phenomenon which Two blames on "ambient weather anomalies."

    M2 is awakened another time by 11-12, who wants to spend the day with her. M2 tells 11-12 that she sees everything that goes on in The Village: "Nobody ever said that dreaming would be such hard work," she says. 11-12 asks to go to the Other Place. "The Village is best for us," M2 says, explaining that people who were born in The Village don't exist elsewhere.

    M2 does exist in New York as Helen, the wife of Summakor head Mr. Curtis (Two). Presenting a similarly sedated Helen to Michael (Six), Mr. Curtis explains that The Village exists in Helen's mind – an experiment to cure broken people in the real world and give them better lives. As Mr. Curtis explains this in New York, 11-12 smothers M2 in her sleep in The Village.

    M2's subsequent death causes the reappearance of holes throughout The Village. In New York, however, Helen survives. Fully awake, she prepares her husband a meal of wraps. "Some things never change," says Mr. Curtis dancing with his wife in their living room. "Don't look back," he tells her.

  • Rachael Blake has a long career as a trained actress is a variety of genres including film, television, theater and voiceover. She has starred in such films as Cherry Tree Lane, Derailed and Perfect Strangers, among others. Her television credits include False Witness, Suburban Shootout, The Three Stooges, and Home & Away. She is a two-time AFI Award-winner, including Best Actress in a series for The Wildside and Best Actress in a Feature Film for Lantana. Blake is a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney, Australia.

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