• Warning: Contains plot spoilers for Episodes 1-4

    909 is The Village tow truck driver. He is also a Village "Undercover" – a spy tasked with rooting out people who dream of another life.

    909 is in love with 11-12, the son of The Village leader Two.

    As a Village Undercover, 909 is charged with training Six in surveillance. "Everyone has secrets," 909 tells him. "No one is without guilt. We just have to work out what it is they're guilty of."

    909 himself has secrets: He's carrying on an affair with Two's son, 11-12. He also knows that Six and 313 are under surveillance themselves. When Six learns of these facts, he warns 909 to leave 313 alone, or he'll go public with 909's affair with 11-12.

    When 11-12 becomes aware that his relationship with 909 may be revealed, he panics and knifes 909 in the back. A fatally bleeding 909 gasps to Six, "Tell me the dreams are true." They're all true, Six replies. "There are dreamers," 909 says with his dying breath. "Find them."

  • Vincent Regan has appeared in Troy alongside Brad Pitt and 300 with Gerard Butler. More recently he starred in Espion(s), a French thriller by Nicolas Sadaa.

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