• WARNING: Contains spoilers for Episodes 1-2

    554 is a waitress at The Village's Solar Café. She claims to have a boyfriend in The Village, but spends much of her time alone.

    554 first meets Six when he visits the Solar Café to tell her that the Old Man, 93, got away. Though she's concerned about 93, she also does not want to get involved: "If he got himself into some kind of trouble that's got nothing to do with me," she says. Still, 554 is amazed at the possibility that 93 has escaped. When the Dogs come after Six, she helps him run out the back of the cafe.

    A few days later, 554 is walking down the street where Six confronts her with a drawing of Big Ben that he found in 93's apartment. "93 said the drawings were from his other life," she says. "Before The Village."

    554 also has drawings from another life – like the sketch of the Statue of Liberty that she shows Six in his apartment one night. Speaking of 93, she explains, "He started saying things – that we're prisoners here" and that there are others who dream.

    The next day, 554 watches from inside the Solar Café as Six approaches. Moments later, the Café explodes. Clinging to life, 554 tells Six she's glad to have met him, and that he should "follow the towers." 554 later dies in The Village hospital.

  • Jessica Haines previously appeared in the television series Home Affairs, and in the 2008 film Disgrace alongside John Malkovich.

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