• WARNING: Contains plot spoilers for Episodes 1-4

    1955 is The Village's history teacher. He lives alone and enjoys swimming. He is also a suspected dreamer.

    As a teacher, 1955 is well-versed in subjects like the history of Twos and The Village Reformation. He also knows the answer to the "oldest question in Village history": Who is Number One? ("No one is Number One").

    Outside of the classroom, 1955 leads a seemingly straight-laced life: He has no family, no vices and aside from swimming every day after school, no hobbies. "I'm one of those lucky people who doesn't need to stretch," he tells Six, who has been sent to spy on 1955 after a student anonymously reported him as a dreamer.

    1955 discovers he's under surveillance one night when Six and 909 (another spy) are on the teacher's roof installing a roach cam. Spotting the camera in the ceiling, 1955 takes a knife to his throat and ends up in The Village Hospital.

    Now unable to speak, 1955 must use pen and paper to communicate with Six, who visits him in the Hospital one night to find out where the other dreamers are. 1955 insists he's not a dreamer: "I'm a history man, that's all," he writes. Six asks why 1955 why he cut his throat. "DESPAIR!!" is 1955's only (written) reply.

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