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The Pitch Interview – Little Caesars Sr. Vice President Edward Gleich and National Media Manager Brandi R. Barton on Why They Picked the Winning Agency

In Season 2, Episode 5 of The Pitch, two ad agencies competed to win the business of pizza brand Little Caesars. So why did Sr. Vice President Edward Gleich National Media Manager Brandi R. Barton select CommonGround‘s campaign?

“We were impressed with the amount of work they did and the effort they put into the assignment,” says Gleich. “They just did a better job of delivering. They had a presentation that answered our questions, versus the other agency’s presentation, which wasn’t as tightly packaged.”

Brandi felt that CommonGround nailed the brief. “The assignment was for a social and digital campaign. I thought their concept really spoke to that audience. So much has been done, sometimes even overdone, so playing with the idea of ‘over-sharing’ works really well for mediums like Twitter.” Gleich agrees: “As CommonGround was presenting the concept, it kept delivering more and more, going deeper and deeper on our goal. We wanted to educate the public, but do that in an entertaining way that was consistent with our brand personality, which is fun and a little bit lighthearted. We thought they did an excellent job of tying all that together — taking a meaty subject like quality and being able to have people learn about it but not feel like they’re being lectured to.”

Edward also uses the word “quality” to describe CommonGround’s team, adding, “They really seemed to have a lot of depth. As an agency, we just felt a certain comfort level with them.”

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