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The Pitch Interview – President Chris McCann on Why He Picked the Winning Agency

the-pitch-episode-207-client-325-1In Season 2, Episode 7 of The Pitch, two ad agencies competed to win the business of, Inc. So why did President Chris McCann select ONE/x‘s campaign?

“The One/x team gets it,” explains Chris. “They got the concept we were looking for. They got us. I loved the fact that they knew a lot about us. They clearly had done their homework. Not just the history, but who we are. They already knew what our DNA was like. Aside from getting us, they also get where the consumer is going. I thought that was very important.”

That feeling of mutual understanding began with Chris’s visit to ONE/x’s offices. “I loved when I met with the broader team. The conversations just flowed so easily with the team that was involved with the whole social area, especially the gentleman who was involved with deep data and analytics. They view things through the same lens that we do. We speak the same language. We approach things from a social, mobile first perspective. My brother and I felt that simpatico feeling right away with them.”

However, Chis does admit having a slight moment of hesitation about ONE/x’s actual pitch. “When they first introduced the concept, when they said, ‘OK, we’re going to build a whole concept around the just because occasion,’ it didn’t ring my bell right away. ‘Just because’ has been an occasion of ours for a long time. But as soon as they put the social spin on it, like adding the hashtag [#justbecause], I loved that. It’s something that’s been in our roots for a long time, and they elevated it to the current marketplace. I thought that was just brilliant.”

What sealed the deal for Chris was ONE/x’s take on creating a deeper connection between client and consumer. “We do a good job at connecting with people emotionally on the key holidays. But the challenge we gave them was trying to get all of our brands connecting to people emotionally every day. I think they hit that. Anytime you want to connect with a consumer, you have to approach it from an anthropological starting point, and they did that. They talked about the United States being a nation of gifters, of givers. The simple act of giving a gift for all of these small ‘just because’ reasons that ultimately make someone smile, and the profound impact that has on your life and on the world, is tremendous. And that just connected so well with us.”

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