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The Pitch Interview – Bliss President Mike Indursky on Why He Picked the Winning Agency

In Season 2, Episode 2 of The Pitch, two ad agencies compete to win the business of beauty brand Bliss. So why did President Mike Indursky select Innerspin‘s campaign?

“They nailed the brief. It said one big idea that I can execute in print, in the simplest way to tell the story that’s also provocative and in the Bliss voice. They answered on all levels,” Indursky says. “They were able to demonstrate the unique selling proposition of this product. The little peel-away mustache was so clever in showing it’s a very fast, one step, nice-smelling depilatory. So simple, yet so effective.”

Indursky was also impressed with how Innerspin presented the idea. “They had this beautiful print ad. It was very savvy of them to introduce it poster-sized. As an agency, you’re trying to capture the imagination of the client. They could have just had it tipped into a magazine, like a lot of agencies do. The fact that they made it oversized made the ad seem larger than life. It made you start thinking, ‘Hey, maybe we could do that outdoors.’ But the idea can stay the same. There’s not a wildly different idea for digital and a wildly different idea for outdoor. They only deviate slightly to maximize the medium you’re in.”

The whole process was a pleasant surprise for Indursky, who confesses, “I have to say, at first, my expectations were pretty low. Innerspin had no beauty background, and during the briefing, you had these two guys in there with straight faces. They weren’t demonstrative at all. Now, knowing them, they are actually the exact opposite of that. But I was concerned at first that they might not get it. But Innerspin’s work was so powerful. We were so excited.”

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