1-800-FLOWERS.com, Episode 7


Los Angeles advertising agencies want to work with 1-800-FLOWERS.com.

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Full Recap

Retail giant 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. asks two Los Angeles-based ad agencies, ONE/x and COR, to create a campaign that positions the company as the go-to destination in the growing social gifting market. "What we're challenging you to do is to come up with an idea that is social by design, that really helps our customers to engage with our expanding family of brands," says President Chris McCann. Chris and his brother Jim promise to check in with each agency the next day.

ONE/x begins by attempting to immerse themselves in the world of a 1-800-FLOWERS.COM consumer by visiting a garden center, where Executive Creative Director Jason Wulfsohn takes photos in an attempt to find a visual language for their campaign. When the client visits the ONE/x offices, Director of Strategy Ben Tiernan provides an update on his team's process. Chris and Jim are impressed by Director of Emerging Media Tom Westrum's digital savvy, by leave disappointed by the lack of discussion about ideas. After more research at gift and flower shops, ONE/x creates the campaign "#justbecause" and pitches the idea with a shareable social video detailing how people exchange gifts to stay connected with those they care about.

COR, founded by Andrew Orci and Rick Colby as the general market division of Hispanic agency Orcí, gather their team for a brainstorming session in which they explore a variety of ideas before landing on "Make Your Presents Felt." At their check in with the client, COR impresses Chris and Jim with their take on how to bridge the gap between the general market and the Hispanic market, but Chris and Jim again walk out disappointed by the lack of discussion about ideas. After an initial iteration of a video for their presentation comes out flat, COR regroups in time for their pitch, suggesting an online ad campaign based on ad banners and hash tags that targets Millennials' habit of giving virtual gifts in order to introduce them to the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. brands.