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Hugh Laurie Talks Night With THR; Yahoo Watches Tom Hiddleston’s Face

This week, Hugh Laurie talks about The Night Manager with The Hollywood Reporter, while Yahoo watches Tom Hiddleston’s facial expressions. Plus, Olivia Colman shares why she likes Angela. Read on for more:

• Hugh Laurie tells The Hollywood Reporter that The Night Manager has “a subject that mattered: the sale of arms and high finance and high commerce. This was a worthy target for [John] le Carré to sink his teeth into, and by God, he did and does.”

Yahoo TV, focusing on Tom Hiddleston’s facial expressions, believes that “Pine, in lesser hands, would just be dull. In Hiddleston’s performance, he is completely seductive and beguiling, and he makes you believe you know what’s going on inside his head even when you don’t.”

• In a video interview with Gold Derby about Angela, Olivia Colman says, “It’s fun to play someone who is a bit angry and who is on the side of the angels.”

Yahoo TV interviews Stephen Garrett, who says, “For me, this is a star-making role for Elizabeth Debicki. For me, she’s the next Cate Blanchett. That scene of the kidnapping just shows what she’s capable of. She’s extraordinary.”

• Elizabeth Debicki, talking to Zap2it, says of Jed, “She’s so good at crafting this persona, this mistress persona. And it’s relatively seamless up until a point in the story. You know, there aren’t that many cracks in the veneer.”

Bustle points out that Corcoran, who seems most suspicious of Pine, “isn’t messing around, which means Pine is going to need to hold on to his identity, as confusing as it is, tighter than ever.”

Bustle also wonders, “Is putting Pine in a position of power safe, or will the British Intelligence agencies that put him there regret enabling his violent habits?”

• Profiled by Variety, Tom Hiddleston says of The Night Manager, “It felt so new in many ways and it’s a very contemporary character. And I love that the worst man in the world is played by the most charming man in the world, Hugh Laurie.”

• Olivia Colman, speaking with Zap2it, says, “I was thrilled that they’d taken the decision to turn one of the main characters into a woman. The book was updated anyway for the purposes of the television program, so it also made sense to update that … It was right that Burr is a women. I can’t now imagine her as a man.”

The Boston Globe notes that John le Carré stories are “rich enough to open up into miniseries, and AMC’s The Night Manager proves that once again. It’s a really enjoyable adaptation, and none of the six episodes feels like filler.” is intrigued by The Night Manager, commenting that “damn, this show is pretty, so right now we’re happy just to be along for the ride and see where Jonathan Pine goes next. Also, those opening credits are DOPE.”

The Night Manager has been picked up by a Chinese internet video giant, Youku Tudou, and French network FranceTV, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

• Interviewed by Reel Life With Jane, Tom Hiddleston says that “what Roper does is dishonorable in [John] le Carré[‘s] eyes. That’s why Pine has to take him down.”

Bustle takes a look at the “exotic locales” where The Night Manager takes place.

• For recaps and reviews of Episode 2, check out Entertainment Weekly, Express, The Guardian, Inverse, The New York Times, Radio Times, The Telegraph, TV Fanatic and Vulture.

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