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Ray Liotta Talks Mob With USA Today; Premiere Notches 2.9 Million Viewers

This week, Ray Liotta discusses the show with USA Today. Plus, the premiere notches 2.9 million viewers. Read on for more:

• Ray Liotta, The Making of the Mob‘s narrator, tells USA Today, “I’m reading (the narration) and every now and then I said, ‘Oh, my gosh. They did this? They did that?’ I was surprised by some of the stuff they came up with.”

Deadline reports that the premiere was watched by a total of 2.9 million viewers, when taking into account live viewing plus people who watched within three days of the original airing.

Den of Geek interviews Stelio Savante, who says he viewed his character, Joe Masseria, “as uptight, never comfortable, always second guessing. I wore really tight wardrobe that was too small, to help me feel claustrophobic, in discomfort and pissed off. It truly helped me.”

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