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Florence Pugh Named THR Next Gen Talent; TV Insider Touts Drummer

This week, The Hollywood Reporter names Florence Pugh a Next Gen talent, while TV Insider applauds The Little Drummer Girl. Plus, Vanity Fair praises Pugh’s performance in the series. Read on for more:

The Hollywood Reporter names Florence Pugh an official Next Gen talent, one of “Hollywood’s rising young stars,” and cites her starring role in The Little Drummer Girl among her other attributes.

TV Insider calls The Little Drummer Girl “a limited series that moves deftly between genres as it unfolds in six riveting parts. Depending on the episode, you might find yourself immersed in romance, espionage or a heartbreaking coming-of-age tale — occasionally all at the same time.”

Vanity Fair calls The Little Drummer Girl “well worth a look, for its shaggy Euro style—how pleasingly ugly all the cars were back then!—and for [Florence] Pugh, who once again does a knockout turn, sharp and soulful.”

Meaww spotlights Park Chan-wook’s AMC interview and praises the director’s adaptation of The Little Drummer Girl because it has “done away with all the cliches” of portraying the 1970’s.

TV Insider comments, “Espionage, romance, mystery are a perfect combination for promoting globetrotting — and that’s exactly what we get in AMC’s The Little Drummer Girl. Set in various destinations across the world, the miniseries uses the writing to its full advantage by filming on-location in Greece and the Czech Republic.”

The Little Drummer Girl premieres Monday, November 19 9/8c. For more on all the latest The Little Drummer Girl news, sign up for the Insiders Club.

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