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Season 1, Episode 3

Part 3 (Episodes 5 & 6)

Charlie trains in Lebanon. Now deep undercover, no one can save her if she is exposed as a spy. As she prepares for her grand finale, it is unclear who's side she is fighting for.

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Charlie and Fatmeh ride in a van through Lebanon. Charlie relies on memories from her practice with Becker to speak to Fatmeh as if she knew Salim (Michel). She recalls how Becker told her that Salim and Khalil's feet were whipped bloody when they were captured once by the Jordanians. Charlie recalls Fatmeh's role in Salim and Khalil's fighting. Fatmeh orders the car to pull over. Charlie walks out and takes a breath of fresh air. The van drives away, leaving her luggage behind. Charlie chases after the car.

In London, Becker tosses and turns in his bed.

Charlie sees a military truck coming. It stops in front of her.

Charlie is dropped off in a Palestinian Training Camp. A Western man, Halloran, leads other Westerners through the camp and explains the rules. "If you break the rules, you will be executed," he says.

Charlie and her fellow comrades practice shooting. During a training session, Charlie is reprimanded by a gun trainer for shooting with one hand, as Becker taught her to do. The gun trainer disciplines her to use two hands. Her superiors notice her skills improving.

In London, Kurtz and the team try to get ahead of Rossino and Helga's next move.

The comrades are drilled on the rules of the camp. They are stripped away of their real names and their only mission is to dedicate themselves to the cause.

The comrades practice assembling circuit boards to mimic creating bombs. Charlie successfully lights her bulb.

In London, Mesterbein drives up to a letter box and places a postcard inside. Moments later, Rachel picks the lock on the box so she can photograph the card.

During training, Halloran attacks a fake target with his bare hands and is punished.

Charlie wrestles a large judo trainer as fellow recruits watch. She gets the jump on him when she bites his leg, but he slams her down on the training pad. She laughs, exhilarated.

The team studies the photo of the postcard, but have trouble decoding the nonsensical text. Becker suggests the handwriting is familiar and Schwilli recalls similar postcard being sent before the Bad Godesberg bombing. The postcard is addressed to a PO box in Lyon, France, but Rossino is still in the UK.

Halloran enters Charlie's dormitory and tries to cozy up to her. He worries he'll be killed soon and asks her to tell the U.S. Embassy that he wants to come home. He gives her the coordinates of the camp and reveals his real name as well as his mother's name. Charlie orders him out.

Early the next morning, Charlie walks passed a sleeping guard into an officer's bunker and sees that Halloran was right about the camp's coordinates. Halloran catches her in the act and alerts a guard so he can pin her as a traitor.

The recruits watch as Charlie stands before Captain Tayeh. Halloran says she's a spy, but Charlie asserts she just wanted to report Halloran for defecting from the cause. When a gun is pointed at her, Charlie reveals Halloran's real name to prove she's telling the truth. Charlie is given the gun, but Halloran runs off. She tries to shoot after him, but misses. Halloran is gunned down by snipers before he can escape. Tayeh tells Charlie to pack her bags.

As the team continues to decode the postcards, they receive a telex message. Rose turns on the radio to a news report about a bombing at a conference in Lyon. Kurtz storms off.

Kurtz phones Gavron, who is angry that Khalil has struck again. Kurtz assures that the team is getting closer to finding him, especially now that Charlie is on the inside. Gavron thinks Khalil will grow suspicious if he isn't given a response to his most recent attack. Becker reaches for the phone, but Gavron hangs up.

Charlie is taken to a refugee camp where she is allowed to use her real name. Villagers nod at her in respect.

Charlie is shown to a communal house where Fatmeh screenprints shirts with a photo of Salim's face on them.

In a flashback, Becker warns that the Palestinians will make Charlie feel so welcomed that she might consider telling them the truth. He warns they'll kill her if she does.

In the present, Fatmeh asks Charlie about Salim's condition when she last saw him. Charlie pauses, recalling his naked body while he was drugged. She falters a beat, then says he was "vulnerable." Fatmeh blushes and assumes the two had a "fantastic night."

Litvak shows Becker a third postcard found in Rossino's apartment the day before. It's addressed to a P.O. box in England.

A little girl, Maram, teaches Charlie some words in Arabic. A young solider, Kareem, refers to Charlie as a "martyr's widow" and extends gratitude.

The team uses an ASCII key code to decipher hidden information on the new postcard from London. It spells "disaster."

The refugee camp villagers march through the streets in celebration of their fight for freedom. They wear shirts with Salim's face on it. Charlie takes part in the festivities, smiling and dancing. Kareem pulls her up on top of a truck and chants Salim's name. Kareem changes the chant to Khalil's name and the whole camp jumps up, jubilantly shouting his name. Charlie sees Maram standing atop a nearby hill. Maram gestures something to her, but no one can hear over the chanting. Suddenly a bomb drops as fighter jets roar overhead and the rocky hill explodes into dust.

In a dream, a young Becker is dressed in an Israeli Defense Force uniform with a rifle in his hand. He walks towards Salim, who is also dressed in combat gear and wrapped in a keffiyeh. The two lay down their weapons and shake hands. Salim's body goes up in flames as he yells out "Al Nakba." Becker looks up at the sky and sees an image of Kurtz walk across his vision.

In the present, Kurtz wakes Becker up and delivers the news about the camp bombing, and apologizes.

Becker enters the operations room and writes "Al Nakba" on a chalkboard. The anniversary of Al Nakba, which the Palestinians refer to as "The Catastrophe," or The Disaster, is in three days. The team deduces that Khalil will be planning an attack on the same day in Britain, most likely against a scholar just like the previous two attacks.

In the aftermath of the bombing, the villagers mourn their dead and prepare to strike back. Charlie wonders when the cycle of attacks will end, but Fatmeh insists they must keep fighting.

Kurtz tells Becker to retrace Rossino's steps in London to see if he can find any clues about the attack.

Becker visits the University of London and discovers that an Israeli professor, Professor Minkel, is holding a talk on the anniversary of Al Nakba. The word "disaster" is in the title of her lecture.

Kurtz and Litvak visit the Intelligence Base in England and meet with Deputy Commander Picton and Captain Meadows. Kurtz uses a fake alias. Kurtz catches Picton up on the team's work thus far and points out the cell's key players. Picton asks if Kurtz knows about Charlie. Kurtz hands over the doctored photo of Charlie with Salim's face pasted onto Becker's body. Picton asks for a moment alone with Kurtz.

Once alone, Picton reveals he knows Kurtz has been working with Dr. Alexis, with whom Kurtz used a different alias, and accuses him of also staging Salim's death.

Charlie tells Fatmeh that she's "ready." Fatmeh hands her a wig and a pair of glasses.

Kurtz and Picton devise a counter plan in preparation for Khalil's next attack. Kurtz suggests allowing his team to actually explode the bomb, in a controlled context, to fool Khalil. Picton recounts when he was a soldier that he took in an Israeli boy for questioning about attacks against his men, and that even after beating the boy, he never said anything. Picton says when he let him go, he thought to himself, "My God, if I haven't made a little drummer boy right here, ready to bang his gong into the next battle they find for him." He says most of the boys in that camp went on to become killers.

Back at the operations house, the team has studied Rossino's recent locations and confirm they match Professor Minkel's itinerary for her upcoming talk.

In the camp, Charlie says her goodbyes to Fatmeh.

The team learns that a woman fitting Charlie's description was seen boarding a flight in Beirut. Professor Minkel is due to arrive at the university the next day to prep for her lecture in the evening.

Charlie, in costume, arrives at a London airport. Rachel is seated next to her, but they both remain silent. Rachel gets up from her seat and leaves a cigarette box next to Charlie.

Charlie rides in a cab with Rossino to meet Helga at a safe house.

At the safe house, Charlie asks if Helga has ever met Khalil. Helga says only Tayeh and his family meet with him. Helga invites Charlie to bed with her and Rossino to relax, but Charlie declines.

At the team's operation house, Rachel hands a cigarette box to Becker, who searches for a message inside of it. There is none, but Rachel assures Charlie seems fine.

When she has a moment alone, Charlie uncovers Becker's message in the cigarette box that reads "I am with you." She sets it aflame.

The next day, Becker heads inside the university while the team stakes out in a van nearby. Charlie, dressed in a disguise, enters the university with Rossino. Charlie uses a South African accent. Charlie walks off to purchase drinks and sees Becker standing next to her. They say nothing, but Becker notices a thread bracelet tied around her right wrist where the gold bracelet used to be.

Professor Minkel practices her speech in an auditorium. Afterwards, Charlie pretends to be a student and chats up the professor. While she's distracted, Rossino switches Professor Minkel's briefcase for his own identical case. Becker watches the exchange and alerts the team. After Charlie and Rossino walk off, Rachel whispers into Professor Minkel's ear and takes the briefcase. Becker opens it away from the crowd, but there's no bomb inside. Becker deduces that the bigger plan will unfold that night at the main event and that Charlie will be back to carry it out.

The team reconvenes in the van. Becker tells them about Charlie's bracelet on her right wrist -- the signal that she's safe. Kurtz assumes it's true since Charlie seems to be getting special treatment from Khalil's network.

Back at the safe house, Helga notices Charlie's bracelet and gets suspicious. Charlie says they made them the camps. The phone rings and Helga rushes Charlie out of the house, giving her directions for where to go.

Charlie takes a bus to the outskirts of London where a man in a van is waiting for her. She gets into the van and is driven into the woods, where they get out and walk to a desolate clearing. The man takes Salim's gold bracelet out of his pocket. Charlie recognizes the man as her gun trainer from the camp. It's Khalil.

Charlie stands before Khalil in the woods. He returns Salim's gold bracelet to her, which she puts on her right wrist, then searches her belongings. He tells her to strip down to her underwear and turn around. When she's not looking, he removes the batteries from her clock radio.

Charlie and Khalil walk through the woods as he gets to know her. He casually slips in questions about Salim and Charlie remembers Becker's advice about letting her instincts lead her, even if she's unsure of an answer. She plays it cool during the conversation.

Kurtz and Picton walk through the University of London, preparing to intercept Khalil's attack later. Picton gives Kurtz a pistol and warns that after the operation is over, he never wants to hear from Kurtz's "kind" again. Picton's team will also get credit for the bust.

Khalil brings Charlie to a cabin.

At the team's operation house, Becker and Kurtz discuss how deep Charlie is in now. Kurtz wonders if she's turned on the operation and threatens to do "what is necessary" if she has.

Charlie watches Khalil build the bomb that will be used in the attack.

Litvak confronts Becker over his lie about the color of Charlie's bracelet, but concedes to Becker's belief in her. Daniel distributes guns to the team. Afterwards, they destroy their files.

Khalil promises that if Charlie does the deed, she will always have a family. He asks her what it felt like to kill the American traitor. She says it was horrible. "Good," he says.

Alone, Becker sets fire to a photo of Charlie on stage at the theater.

While he builds the bomb, Khalil tells Charlie that he constantly feels like he's being pursued by an Israeli who is obsessed with finding him. "He knows me, but I don't know him," he says.

Khalil lays out the plan for Charlie and includes his signature wire dolly inside of the briefcase. Before she sets off, back in the disguise, he grabs her shaking hand and promises not to come after her if she doesn't want to carry out the plan. Charlie agrees to continue. She asks if she'll see him afterwards, but he says no.

Kurtz and Picton survey the university as guests begin to make their way inside.

Rossino drops Charlie, back in disguise, off at the university from his bike. Charlie tries to get inside of the university through the main entrance, but isn't let inside without a ticket. She heads to the side entrance and explains how there's been a mix-up with Professor Minkel's briefcase. The guards allow her in. As soon as she steps inside, she sees Becker.

Becker brings Charlie to the green room outside of the lecture hall where Professor Minkel, Picton, Kurtz and the team and a bomb disposal squad await. The walls of the room are padded with sandbags. Kurtz instructs Charlie to "play the scene" and guides her towards Minkel. Charlie, in character, apologizes for the mixup and she and Minkel exchange briefcases. The bomb team takes the case from Minkel and locks it inside of a metal case, one side of which is open in order to direct the blast out the window. After "the scene" is over, Charlie tells Kurtz's team that she's met Khalil and guesses he's falling in love with her. She shows them the gold bracelet. Kurtz clears the room so he can talk to Becker alone. Kurtz wants to let this new development play out naturally and leave Charlie alone with Khalil. Becker tries to protest, but Kurtz has his mind made up.

Traveling through the halls, Becker briefs Charlie on her next steps. He takes her current clock radio and gives her a new one with a location transmitter built in. He instructs her to remove the batteries as a way to signal to him when Khalil is "vulnerable." Angry, Charlie realizes Becker is asking her to sleep with Khalil. Charlie calls Khalil "beautiful" and storms off, in tears.

Charlie meets Rossino and they leave campus just as the explosion goes off.

In the fake aftermath of the bomb, paramedics rush Professor Minkel's body out on a stretcher as observers watch in horror. It's all staged.

Rossino leaves Charlie in the woods and instructs her where to head to next.

Charlie makes her way to a farm house and finds Khalil. The team follows in their van. Khalil tells Charlie that Professor Minkel is dead.

Later that evening, the team sets up their stake out nearby the farmhouse.

Charlie and Khalil watch a news report about the bombing before sitting down to eat and drink. The news reports a wig left at the scene, indicating she may be compromised. Charlie apologizes to Khalil for taking it off.

The team keeps an eye on the location signal from Charlie's transmitter, ready to act in case she cuts it off. Becker hides in the barn and continues watching Charlie and Khalil through binoculars.

Charlie walks to the window to smoke a cigarette and begins to tear up. Khalil extends sympathy for Charlie's role in the bombing and brushes a hand across her face. They kiss.

From the barn, Becker puts down his binoculars and looks away.

Charlie starts to undo her robe and Khalil tries to stop her. She embraces him passionately and he carries her to the bedroom where they make love.

The next morning, the team is still waiting for Charlie's signal. As Khalil sleeps, Charlie goes over to her clock radio, but decides to keep the batteries in and returns to bed.

Charlie asks about the stories behind Khalil's scars and kisses him.

Becker notices Picton's men nearby in the woods. They've followed the team and blocked the perimeter so nothing gets in or out, but Kurtz wants everything to play out as normal.

Khalil gets up from bed after realizing the milk man is late for his usual delivery. Charlie brushes it off, but Khalil grows suspicious of her making excuses and reaches for his gun. He asks her to turn on her clock radio. When she does, he realizes something is not right because he took the batteries out. Khalil goes to remove the batteries from the new radio and Charlie begs him to stop, but it's too late. The team gets the signal.

The team moves in and Kurtz instructs Picton's men to surround the house but keep Khalil alive.

Khalil puts a gun to Charlie's head and demands the truth. "It's over, that's the truth," she says, and explains the fiction of the bomb. When she reveals she's an actress, Khalil asks "so you don't believe in anything?" Charlie cries and apologizes. Suddenly, Becker rushes in and shoots Khalil dead. Charlie cradles Khalil's hand and sobs. Kurtz and the team enter with Picton's squad and take in the scene. Kurtz wraps his jacket around Charlie and leads her away.

Charlie rides with Rachel in the van. Rachel drills Charlie about what she remembers.

In Lebanon, Daniel confirms the camp's coordinates from afar. Jets fly above the training camp and drop bombs directly on the bunkers.

In the woods, Rachel tracks down Helga and shoots her dead.

Rose follows Mesterbein up a spiral staircase and shoots him at his law office.

In Rome, Rossino returns home. Litvak dials Rossino's number from a payphone directly outside. Litvak tells Rossino, "This is for Gabriel," before setting off an explosive in his house.

In the refugee camp, Fatmeh looks up as bombs are dropped on the village.

Charlie sits on the beach at a secure retreat in Israel. A package arrives for her. Inside is a small bottle of the kind of vodka she shared with Becker, plus a cigarette packet with a secret note. The note reveals an address in Berlin.

Kurtz meets Charlie at the resort. He returns the gold and blue bracelet, then shows her a wire dolly that was found after a recent terrorist attack in Amsterdam. "You cannot stop the devil," he says. "Only the man performing him." Kurtz tells her she got them closer than anyone. Charlie asks why Kurtz had Khalil killed. He reveals that Becker went against his orders. Charlie asks how Becker is doing, but Kurtz says Becker will no longer speak to him. Before they part ways, Kurtz extends his hand, but Charlie doesn't shake it and walks away.

Charlie arrives at the address in Berlin and finds Becker there, tending to his garden. "Who are you?" she asks him. "Who am I?" she adds after a moment. He smiles and says "One question at a time." He invites her into his apartment and follows her inside.