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Season 1, Episode 2

Part 2 (Episodes 3 & 4)

Charlie drives explosives to Austria, while Becker races to save her from a fatal misstep. Tortured by her feelings for Becker, she is drawn deeper into the network. But will her performance hold up?

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Full Recap

Charlie drives the red Mercedes alone. She puts a cigarette in her mouth and cranks the radio.

In a flashback from earlier, Becker, playing as Michel, instructs Charlie to leave the car at Salzburg station and place the keys in the exhaust pipe. He says his people will seek her out when she completes the mission. She demands to see the explosives. Becker shows her the bricks of Semtex hidden behind the roof panel and says they won't actually be used to blow anyone up. Still, he warns her not to smoke inside the car.

Becker accompanies Charlie to the Yugoslav border in Michel's red Mercedes, against Kurtz's wishes. He warns her the Austrian border will be more difficult to cross. He hands her a forged diary to pass off as her own and says that in the fiction of their love story, they've written love letters to each other. In character, he asks where she has hidden their love letters. She says they're in her guitar case back home.

Becker is dropped off before the Yugoslav border and Charlie continues alone.

In the present, Charlie starts to light a cigarette but remembers the explosives hidden above her head.

Meanwhile, Becker, Rose and Rachel stake out in a van on the side of the road. Becker practices writing Michel's signature.

Charlie easily crosses into Yugoslavia.

Kurtz team reconvenes after discovering Michel lied about intending to drop the car off in Salzburg. They know that Michel's network would not use the same place twice for a drop.

Kurtz enters Michel's cell and introduces himself. He sits on the ground next to Michel, who tries to ignore him. Kurtz grabs Michel's foot and examines the painful, raised scars there, asking if they're from Michel's time in the camps. Kurtz says he's spent time in a camp as well. He admits that they've both been lying to each other and lets Michel out of the makeshift cell.

Kurtz leads Michel around the flat to show that everything has been a carefully crafted illusion. Michel is shocked when he sees the photo of Khalil is actually a doctored photo based on pictures of his family. Kurtz informs him that he's really been in Munich for two days. He opens the blinds and shows Michel the happy families picnicking outside in a field. Kurtz asks where he was taking the car with the explosives and asks for, "no more bloodshed." Michel admits there is no set location for the drop until he decides. Kurtz instructs the team to set the drop for a square in Austria. Michel breaks down.

Charlie sings along to the radio as she continues to drive.

Kurtz meets with Alexis to inform him that the team is moving their work to Kleinalm. Kurtz suggests keeping his eyes on the roads of Southern Germany in the coming week and look out for "a little gift" that might "light up" his investigation.

Charlie checks in to a roadside hotel in Yugoslavia. Rachel walks in with a backpack and pretends to be a traveling friend who recognizes her.

Later, Charlie and Rachel play Scrabble and use the tiles to communicate. Rachel suggests Charlie go to Kleinalm instead of Salzburg and mentions a "lovely square." She spells out "Gutigplatz" on the board. Charlie spells out Gadi's name on the board and asks about that "old man in Greece." She asks if he really had a wife, and if she "jumped" or if she was "pushed." Rachel says she jumped while she flicks the tiles off the board.

In character, Becker sends a telegram from a hotel in Yugoslavia.

In a flashback from Michel's confession, Michel informs Kurtz that he decides the location of the drops and sends out a telegram, twice.

Becker writes on the telegram "Gutigplatz, Kleinalm. Tomorrow" and signs Michel's name. He instructs the hotel concierge to send it twice.

In Bavaria, Southern Germany, Kurtz and Litvak stand on a footbridge surveying traffic below. They plan their "golden hour" to enact a plan after Charlie delivers the car. Litvak worries Charlie won't come through. Kurtz assures him and tells him he's in charge of the Gutigplatz operation.

Charlie drives by a sign indicating the border is in 2 kilometers. She curses, nervous. She stops at a stall on the side of the road where liquor is being sold. The clerk is asleep.

Charlie waits in queue to cross the Austrian border. Charlie is instructed to exit the car as the guards search it. They notice her anxiety and check the trunk, where they find a crate full of moonshine. The guards tell her that smuggling moonshine is illegal, but they won't charge her. Charlie pretends to be ashamed, misdirecting her anxiety to the moonshine. They take the crate of liquor and let her go.

Charlie continues driving and makes it into Kleinalm.

At the Gutigplatz market square, Litvak stakes out with a pair of binoculars at the top floor of a building. He's informed that Charlie made the cross.

Charlie drives into the market square and sees Kurtz's team members scattered around nearby blending in. She exits the car and slyly leaves the keys in the exhaust pipe. She spots Becker, dressed as a priest, sitting outside of a café and sits at an empty table behind him. She orders a drink and informs the waiter that she doesn't have any Austrian cash. Becker foots her bill.

Charlie catches a cab to head for the train station. Becker starts up after her and radios Litvak to tell him to focus on the Mercedes. Litvak tries to protest, declaring that he's in charge of the operation, but Becker has turned his radio off.

A motorcycle races into the square and pulls up next to the Mercedes. Anna Witgen gets off the bike and, using her own key, gets into the car. Litvak recognizes the driver of the bike as Rossino, a left wing journalist they suspected works for Khalil's network but could never prove it. Anna and Rossino drive off in opposite directions. The team pursues Anna in the Mercedes.

Anna stops at a rest stop to check the car for the explosives, then exits to make a phone call. As she walks back to her car, the team ambushes her. Anna bites Litvak's ear in the process, but is captured and sedated.

Back in Munich, Charlie downs bottles from the minibar in a hotel room. Becker, now dressed again as Michel, walks in and commends her work. Charlie wonders why Becker told her about the explosives. She asks if he wanted her to say no, and whether what they're doing is wrong. He suggests she run a bath and relax.

Becker, playing as Michel, informs Charlie that he doesn't know when they'll see each other again now that she'll be heading back home to London. She falls asleep in the bathtub and Becker carries her to the bed wrapped in a robe. He stages the room to make it look like they shared a meal together.

The next day, Charlie and Becker go to the operation's headquarters at the Olympic Village. Kurtz embraces her. He suggests they're no longer writing the play, but allowing it to now "come" to them. The team drag out Michel's sedated body and Charlie realizes who it is after noticing Becker is dressed exactly like him.

Unbeknownst to Charlie, Anna is cuffed and screaming in the makeshift cell in the middle of the room.

The team has Charlie study Michel's naked body. They show her various birthmarks on his body for her to remember while he's delirious. Overcome with emotion, she rushes out.

Becker follows behind Charlie and reminds her what they're fighting. She refers to him by his real first name, Gadi, and asks how he lives with the guilt. He forcefully grabs her hand and shows her to the Munich Massacre memorial site, then warns her not to call him by his name again.

Becker and Charlie head back to the hotel in silence. Becker tells her to write out love letters to Michel in her own handwriting. She asks what will happen to Michel. Becker says "he'll be accounted for."

Michel and Anna lie together in the cell.

Charlie reads aloud the passionate letters as she copies them down. Then she hands Becker the pages and has him read it. Charlie listens to him read the romantic, painful yearnings in the letters. She stands and kisses Becker passionately. Charlie drags him to the bed and kisses him, but he stops her before it gets too far. Charlie hallucinates that she is on top of Michel's naked body while the team watches. She jumps off of Becker and the vision disappears, then she breaks down and cries as Becker comforts her. He tells her she'll be going home tomorrow and says Michel's people will find her there.

The next day, Becker meets Litvak and Kurtz in a makeshift operations room at a Southern Germany motel. They observe the traffic outside. Litvak tells them about the information he was able to get from Anna about her relationship with Michel: they drove around in his car, he taught her how to shoot a gun in the woods. They plan to use some of the details in their fiction. Becker objects to the idea of torturing Anna. Litvak takes a jab at Becker, asking if he should make her fall in love with him so she won't "notice the pain." Kurtz mentions that Michel and Anna will soon be "lost to the world." Litvak walks out of the room.

Charlie returns to her apartment in England.

Litvak gets in his car outside the motel.

Charlie uncovers her guitar case and reads the love letters from Michel that have been planted by the team. She makes sure her apartment isn't bugged.

In an imagined scene, Michel passionately writes love letters to Charlie. He writes about his childhood in Palestine.

In reality, Charlie drinks at a pub alone, lost in her thoughts.

Back at the motel, Becker sits in silence staring at Kurtz. Kurtz erupts in anger.

That night, Litvak and Daniel drive the van. Daniel questions if they have to go "this far." Litvak insists it's the only way. "Marty said so," Litvak says.

Becker makes a remark implying Kurtz is going back on his promise. Kurtz explodes in anger, that he only said "no innocent people." Kurtz insists they are closer than ever to taking Khalil down.

Charlie washes up in the pub's bathroom. Suddenly paranoid, she checks all of the empty stalls, then walks out.

At night, Rose and Rachel drive the red Mercedes.

Kurtz says he asked the other members of the team if they wanted to back down. "If you're paying me to be your conscience, Marty, you should ask for your money back," Becker says and leaves Kurtz alone.

Litvak and Daniel meet Rose and Rachel on a deserted road. They carry Anna and Michel's unconscious bodies from the van and place it inside the Mercedes. Becker arrives on the scene and suggests putting Anna behind the wheel, as Michel is known to be a steady driver.

Charlie arrives back home and continues reading through the love letters.

The team straps Anna's foot to the gas pedal and sends the car rolling.

In a flashback, Michel speaks at the forum. "Terror is theater," he proclaims.

In the present, the Mercedes veers across the empty lanes and spins out of control.

Charlie continues reading a letter about how Michel's grandfather was shot by Zionists, despite being kind and welcoming to Jewish visitors.

The team stands atop the foot bridge and watches as the Mercedes explodes into flames. Kurtz watches the flames from afar in the motel.

Charlie cries alone in her apartment.

In London, Kurtz arrives at a new makeshift operations center inside a Victorian house. Litvak plays the piano and doesn't look to Kurtz when he walks in.

In Munich, Rossino and a woman named Helga enter Michel's apartment and rummage through his belongings.

Litvak keeps his distance from the team. Miss Bach guesses he's torn about Michel and Anna's murder.

Helga finds Charlie's planted love letters and show's Rossino.

Schwilli alters a photo of Charlie and Becker to make it look like Charlie and Michel.

Across the street from Michel's apartment, Oded takes photos of Helga and Rossino through the window.

In Somerset, Becker finds Charlie in a park. She asks about Michel and Becker says he's "getting the fairest trial he can." He promises to be there for her "when it's over" and slips her a box of cigarettes with a secret message under the top flap written in invisible ink. He shows her that it reads "I'm here."

Becker gets into character as Michel and teaches Charlie how to shoot a gun – to match one of Anna's stories – and makes her shoot it with one hand like Khalil, his brother. Then he tells her to kiss his gun and swear allegiance. When Charlie makes a joke, Becker, deadly serious as Michel, tells her about the crimes committed against the Palestinian people. She kisses the gun. Then Becker, as himself, gives Charlie a radio with a wiretap built in, "for company." He tells her if she puts on a white scarf, he will come for her.

Later, Charlie and a few friends walk through a caravan park after their show. They invite her out to celebrate, but she politely declines. Sophie notes how much Charlie's acting has improved and Charlie says she feels like she could be anyone.

Charlie enters her caravan and finds a note along with a bottle of vodka – the same brand that she and Michel drink in their fiction. She panics and immediately radios the team on the wiretapped radio.

Later that evening, a man knocks on the door and says he's there to represent "the giver of this gift." He orders her to follow him.

The man takes Charlie to a cabin in the woods where Helga is waiting. Kurtz's team follows in their van and stays close by to listen in on surveillance equipment in the van.

Helga puts a gun to Charlie's head and interrogates her about when she last saw Michel. Charlie learns of Michel's death for the first time and is genuinely shocked to hear the news. Helga accuses Charlie and Michel's love affair of being fake, but Charlie starts cursing Zionists and insists Michel's death was not an accident. The power goes out in the cabin and the man asks Charlie for money to put in the meter to turn the lights on. Helga goes through Charlie's belongings and finds the wiretapped radio. Outside, the team begin to move in with their guns. Charlie begs Helga to believe her and tells her about kissing Khalil's gun, an intimate detail that prompts Helga to ease up. "Welcome to the revolution," Helga exclaims and hugs Charlie. Becker radios the team and tells them to get back.

Charlie is dropped back off at her caravan and falls to her knees in tears.

The next day, Charlie and Becker meet in the park. She confronts Becker for lying about Michel's death. He insists they needed a "genuine performance." Charlie wonders if she's just collateral to the team to get to Khalil and demands that he show her "one real thing" about him.

At the London house, Kurtz praises Becker for prepping Charlie. Becker is concerned Charlie doesn't realize how far it will go. Kurtz says her survival depends on her ignorance.

Charlie reads poetry aloud at home, knowing Becker is listening through the wiretapped radio.

The team discovers that the man with Helga from earlier is Anton Mesterbein, a lawyer who does pro bono work for radicals. When Kurtz asks about Mesterbein's time in Turkey, Litvak pipes in for the first time mentioning a connection to Michel. "Back from the dead," Kurtz says to Litvak.

As Charlie rides the bus, a man plants something inside of her purse. It's a friendly postcard from Helga with her number on it. Charlie ties a silk white scarf to her bag.

Charlie arrives at the team's operations house and gives them the postcard, but is cold to Kurtz. Kurtz commends her for her stellar performance thus far and encourages her to become part of the "bigger show." Charlie asks what comes next and Kurtz suggests she'll be taken deeper into the terrorist cell. Charlie resists angrily and asks if Michel's death was always part of the plan. Kurtz admits it was, but assures it was not Becker's wishes. She storms out. Kurtz orders Becker to do something.

Becker catches Charlie outside and drives her around London. He takes her to his flat, where he removes the batteries in her wiretapped radio so it's just the two of them. Becker apologizes for how the operation has unfolded and tells her the truth about his identity. He reveals he is a soldier and has fought in many wars. He says he used to be married, "but our love wasn't strong enough." Charlie embraces him and they passionately make love. After, she asks about the scars on his body as he tells her how he got them. They joke together. Then, serious, Becker tells her she doesn't have to do this, that she's not one of them.

Daniel makes a call to Kurtz, alerting him of Charlie's whereabouts at Becker's flat.

The next day, Becker gives Charlie back her original radio and says she'll be out reach of the team. Charlie tells him she's changed her mind: "Love is the antidote to death," she says. They kiss. "Wish me luck," she says and leaves.

Charlie returns home and calls Helga. With a suitcase in hand, Charlie is instructed to go to a phone box and wait for an incoming call. When Charlie arrives, there's a man inside the booth already. It's Rossino. He pulls out a gun and escorts her to a car nearby where Helga is waiting inside with a gun. Helga rummages through Charlie's belongings and finds her passport as well as Michel's letters.

Rachel informs the team that Charlie and Helga have boarded a flight to France but haven't passed through French customs. Kurtz deduces that Khalil's people must "like what they see."

In Lebanon, Helga escorts Charlie out of an airport. She gives Charlie one last chance to tell her the truth about herself, insisting that "they" will find out everything. Charlie stands her ground. A car drives them away.

Becker yells at Kurtz after discovering Charlie is now in Lebanon. Kurtz is ecstatic that Charlie has "crossed the line" and now their "fiction and reality become one." Becker wants to go out there and save her, but Kurtz forbids it. "She is safer in the fiction," Kurtz says, and adds that they will send her back. "As one of us, or one of them?" Becker asks.

Charlie is forced out of the car by a group of masked men and placed inside the trunk of another car. In the process, her gold bracelet is removed from her right wrist.

Kurtz takes a jab at Becker for sleeping with Charlie and suggests that's what inspired her decision to contact the cell. He tells Becker to take a night off and remember his role on the team.

Charlie is removed from the trunk, blindfolded and placed in the backseat of the car.

Becker sleeps slumped on the couch.

In a flashback to the night before in bed, Becker tells Charlie to keep the gold bracelet on her right wrist to let him know she's okay.

In the present, Charlie touches her now naked wrist. The car comes to a stop and Charlie is escorted into a villa. Her blindfold is removed and a serving woman gives her clothes to change into.

In a flashback, Becker tells Charlie that the Palestinian people are easy to love. He tells her Khalil's network will always be watching her.

In the present, a man with a limp introduces himself to Charlie as Captain Tayeh. He grills her about her reasons for wanting to fight the Zionists. Charlie offers heartfelt emotion over Michel's death. The serving woman interrupts the conversation and sends Tayeh away. She removes her hijab and asks Charlie about Michel's birthmark. Charlie offers vivid details. The woman asks who Michel was to her. Charlie thinks to her night with Becker. "The trigger," she says. "Welcome, Charlie," the woman says. "I am Fatmeh."