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Season 1, Episode 1

Part 1 (Episodes 1 & 2)

Charlie, a fiery and brilliant young actress, meets a mysterious stranger on the beach in Greece and he draws her into a high-stakes international espionage operation.

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It's 1979 in West Germany. At a safe house, a figure dressed in leather grabs a suitcase. He rides on a motorbike to a café where he discreetly passes the suitcase off to a Palestinian man, Michel, who's waiting inside. Michel brings the suitcase to the trunk of a car.

A blonde woman, Anna, hurries along the cobblestone streets to meet Michel at his car. She checks her watch. It's 8:03.

In Bad Godesberg, in the Diplomatic Residential Area, Mrs. Fineberg leaves for the day while her son, Gabriel, stays home from school for a sick day. Outside, Anna and Michel drive up to the house.

Aaron Fineberg tends to his sick son as Anna makes her way to the front door, with the suitcase in hand, and rings the bell. Fineberg answers the door and retrieves the suitcase from Anna and brings it upstairs.

Outside, the school bus driver honks. Fineberg heads back outside to inform the driver that Gabriel is sick. Just then, he notices Anna laughing in Michel's car down the street. At exactly 8:30, the top floor of his house explodes.

In London, Charlie Ross auditions for an acting gig. After a few critiques, she stands and takes control of the room and emphatically reworks the scene. Interspersed with taped scenes of her audition, Charlie plays pool with her friends. She confronts the pub manager when he inadvertently insults her gay friend.

Back in Germany, at a counter-terrorism unit, Marty Kurtz and his right-hand man Shimon Litvak discuss the details of the suitcase bombing. They suspect the target was Fineberg's uncle, who Litvak refers to as an "outspoken Talmudic scholar" and who was also inside the house.

Kurtz enters an interview room and uses a fake name to identify himself. He shakes hands with Dr. Paul Alexis, a German agent, who tells him the blast came from the au pair's room. Kurtz insists he speak to Fineberg alone as he suspects Fineberg will be more open with "just us Israelis."

Kurtz begins interviewing Fineberg while Litvak sits nearby to assist. Fineberg recalls Anna ringing the doorbell of his house and requesting to speak to Elke, Fineberg's au pair. Fineberg told her Elke was out of town, but Anna claimed she was given the suitcase by Elke's mom to pass along. With some pressing from Kurtz, Fineberg admits he personally took the suitcase to Elke's room and sheepishly remembers sniffing her clothing. Fineberg also remembers seeing a blue necklace on Anna. When shown a photo of Michel, Fineberg recognizes him as the man in the car.

Kurtz, Litvak, Alexis and Oscar – Alexis's helper – examine the physical evidence left behind from the bombing. Kurtz holds up a drawing of a wire dolly and asks if anything similar was found in the damage. Oscar retrieves a charred skein of looped wire in the same shape.

Kurtz talks to Alexis in private. During the conversation, Alexis notices Kurtz's tattooed arm of his Auschwitz identification numbers. Kurtz offers to get Alexis a better position if he can help him with something in exchange. He recounts how a group of four Palestinian brothers conducted several terrorist acts in his home country of Israeli, which prompted Kurtz to put together an investigative team. While his team was able to take out two of the brothers, the others still remain at large. Khalil, the eldest brother, serves as the mastermind. Kurtz suspects the bombing at Fineberg's house was the younger brother's doing on behalf of Khalil. He insists that sooner or later "a man will sign his name," referring to Khalil's signature electrical wire that he ties into a wired dolly. Kurtz wants Alexis' help on the case.

In London, Charlie performs as Joan of Arc in a play at the Red Dragon Theatre. A man wearing a gold watch looks on intently from the audience, flashing the light from his watch into her face.

In Germany, Oded – another member of Kurtz's team – stakes out at a surveillance house and observes the apartment across the road. He sees Anna through the window wearing her blue necklace.

In London, the crowd applauds following Charlie's performance. Afterwards, Charlie is given a jewelry box that someone has left for her, but it's empty inside.

At Mossad Headquarters in Tel Aviv, Kurtz meets with Noah Gavron, an Israeli general, to strategize. Gavron wants to take Khalil out immediately, but Kurtz suggests a better way would be to go through Khalil's youngest brother Salim, who he believes is Michel's true identity. Kurtz asks Gavron to supply him with people for his team.

Kurtz and Litvak plan to reach out to Miss Bach and Schwilli, who they've worked with before, to join their team for the new mission.

Charlie hosts a party at her apartment. Her friend, Sophie, announces that a prospective patron is sending their theatre troupe to Greece for a corporate charity jaunt.

In Naxos, Greece, Charlie and her fellow troupe actors, Sophie, Paulie and Willie, rehearse their lines on the beach. Charlie's boyfriend, Al, grows bored.

Later, Charlie sits at an outdoor café and tries to write a postcard to her mother, but draws a blank. A tall, handsome man walks by her table humming a tune to himself. Charlie recognizes his gold watch.

Kurtz and Litvak are back in Germany at the surveillance house with Oded. Michel walks into the apartment across the street with suitcases in his hands. Through the open window, they see that Michel notices Anna's blue necklace and orders her to take it off before someone recognizes it. Litvak, furious, wants to kill Michel and Anna immediately, but Kurtz thinks Michel is a "blessing to us alive."

Later, Kurtz brings Litvak to a memorial site in honor of the Israeli athletes who were killed in the Munich Massacre during the 1972 Summer Olympics. Kurtz tells Litvak that they must be patient.

Charlie invites a fellow traveler, Rose, to hang out with her group. Sophie notices the man in the gold watch on the beach and wonders if he's following them. She walks over to him with a glass and a bottle of wine, but the man is not very friendly. She returns to the group and tells them about the scars he's got all over his body. Al suggests they get to know him.

The group sits down for a drink with the mysterious man and he says his name is Peter. Charlie remains unimpressed by his distant demeanor and calls him Joseph, "with his coat of many colors."

Kurtz and his team assemble at an apartment. In a small padded room, Kurtz yells curses to test the acoustics. The team confirms they didn't hear a thing. Daniel, a new recruit, arrives.

That night, Charlie and the theatre group hang out with Peter again. With a guitar, Charlie performs the tune Peter was humming earlier and mentions that it's a song written by a friend of hers. He claims to not know it.

The next morning, Charlie notices Al and Sophie entwined with each other on the beach.

Oded phones Kurtz's team to inform them that Michel is on the move. He's flying to Istanbul and they plan to catch him at the Greek-Turkish border.

Peter finds Charlie alone at the cafe and chats her up. She invites him to sit down with her and asks if he's ever been to the Red Dragon Theatre in London. He dodges the question.

Miss Bach and Schwilli pretend to be housecleaners and pull up to Michel's building. They hand off a wad of cash to the concierge and make their way to the apartment to search it and take photos of his personal items. They find a book of love poems, a postcard and a matchbook from the café where Michel was handed off the suitcase bomb.

Charlie and Peter walk along the beach and talk. Charlie shares her situation with her estranged mother. Peter tells Charlie he's leaving that day to Athens and presents her with a package. She unwraps it and discovers a bright yellow dress inside. He asks her to come with him.

Michel crosses the border in a red Mercedes and gets his passport stamped on the Turkish and Greek sides. While driving, he sees a pretty, young woman with a traveling pack sitting at a roadside café. He stops at the roadside café and orders an ice cream, but when he turns around the woman is gone.

In Germany, Kurtz meets with Alexis. They discuss Michel's past history of recruiting women for his schemes.

As Michel drives, he spots the young woman hitchhiking and offers her a ride. She hops in and asks him to keep the doors unlocked. Then she pulls a gun on him. Daniel and Litvak, both of their faces covered with keffiyehs, rush into the car and inject Michel's throat with a hypodermic needle.

Kurtz asks for Alexis' help clearing something across the border. He calls it "a certain medical patient who will be in a state of emergency." Meanwhile, Michel is loaded into an ambulance by Daniel and Litvak in an abandoned lot.

Charlie and Peter take a ferry to Athens. She spots Rose, but Rose ignores her and drives off. Peter opens the door to a red Mercedes waiting for them. Charlie gets in and spots a green jacket in the backseat just like the one worn by the man with the gold watch in the theater.

Peter drives them to the Acropolis of Athens. He nods at a guard, who allows them in after hours. Charlie, blown away at the majestic site, wonders how she'll "ever fall in love after this." When Peter begins to tell her about the temple, Charlie recites the guidebook verbatim from memory and Charlie reveals she can remember anything she reads or hears. After chatting for a bit, Charlie leans in for a passionate kiss. Peter lets himself go for a minute, but stops it and walks away.

Back in the car, Peter begins driving recklessly fast. Charlie demands to get out, but he keeps going faster until they reach a villa. Peter says, "I've lied to you as little as possible." The villa door opens and Charlie sees Rose, Litvak, Kurtz and Rachel – the hitchhiker who fooled Michel. Kurtz introduces himself as the producer, writer and director of "our little show" and tells Charlie, "I would like to talk to you about your part."

In a flashback, Kurtz and Litvak are in Tel Aviv. They listen to an audio recording from a forum, taking place in England, where a masked man in a keffiyeh is speaking out against imperialism. A crowd of revolutionary youths listen as he recalls being driven out of his homeland by the Zionists during the war and joining the Ashbal – a children's militia – with his brothers. Kurtz is trying to deduce whether the man talking is actually Michel, whose real name is Salim, but Litvak doesn't think the audio is enough evidence. Kurtz is intrigued when he hears audio of Charlie boldly sharing her political stance at the forum.

In another flashback, in London, Charlie performs an audition, the same one she emphatically reworked for the casting agent – but it is revealed to have been in front of Kurtz, Rachel and Miss Bach.

In another flashback, Kurtz sits down in Germany with Peter – whose real name is Gadi Becker – and watches Charlie's audition tape. Kurtz is trying to enlist Becker's help with reeling Charlie in, but Becker is hesitant after a previous operation that failed tragically. When Becker sees a photo of Khalil's wired dolly from the Fineberg explosion, he agrees to join Kurtz on the condition of "no killing" and "autonomy."

In the present outside the villa, Kurtz introduces his team to Charlie as "friends" who are "deeply concerned like you with the many wrong directions the world is taking."

Meanwhile, at the small headquarters of the operation in the Olympic Village in Munich, Daniel and Schwilli carry Michel's unconscious body into the makeshift cell room and take photos of him before he wakes up.

Litvak tells Becker it's an honor to meet him. Kurtz compliments Becker for successfully seducing Charlie. Becker is nonchalant about it.

Charlie tries to wash up and use the bathroom, but Rachel and Rose watch her every move.

Schwilli feeds audio through speakers into the walls of Michel's cell to fool him into thinking he's inside of a jail.

Charlie curses at Becker for lying to her. Kurtz says he believes Charlie can put her acting talents towards a bigger cause and save innocent lives, but gives her the choice to leave if she wishes. Kurtz says he is mounting a "production," but with no director's cut – only constant improvisation. Charlie will have to play the role of a terrorist if she joins the team and agree to a final round of questioning to see if she's suited for the part.

Daniel, wearing a prison uniform, escorts Miss Bach into Michel's cell. Miss Bach pretends to be an observer from the International Aid Alliance. She addresses Michel as Salim.

Miss Bach leaves the cell to retrieve an orange that's been injected with phenobarbital on one half and takes it back to Michel.

Kurtz begins the round of questions as the team watches. Litvak records.

Miss Bach eats one half of the orange and gives the spiked half to Michel. She casually mentions Israeli oranges being particularly enjoyable and Michel assumes he's in Israel. Miss Bach asks if Michel has any family he can write to. The drug starts to take effect.

Charlie answers a series of personal questions about her family. She says her mother was a drunk and her father was a criminal, leaving her to fend for herself at a young age. Kurtz presses and Charlie chokes up as she recounts the humiliation of her father's criminality and later his death. Kurtz decides to take a break from the questioning.

Daniel checks on Michel, who is delirious from the drugs.

Charlie sits down for a smoke with Rachel outside by the pool. Kurtz and Becker watch them from the terrace above. Kurtz wonders who should give Charlie the "home truth." Becker volunteers.

Whie he's delirious, Miss Bach tries to convince Michel that it's been over a week since she's last seen him and that his lawyers told him to write a letter to his sister, Fatmeh. She insists the letter must be written in English. Michel says Fatmeh would already know he's been missing since he calls her every three days.

The next morning, Charlie looks through various photos of her political activism while Kurtz tries to get a sense of how radical her positions are. Though she insists she is anti-violence, she fumbles when Kurtz reminds her that a weapons training took place at the forum she attended. Kurtz tries to nail down Charlie's story, before Litvak reveals they already know the truth. Becker reveals they know the whole story she told about her father is a lie. He knows she grew up with loving, affluent parents and spun a more dramatic story that better supports her activism. Charlie jumps up and punches Becker in the mouth, then collapses into sobs. Kurtz announces that Charlie just got the part.

Michel continues hallucinating from the drugs.

The team deliberates about what to do after learning about Michel's routine calls to Fatmeh. A message comes in on the teleprinter from Gavron. He wants the team to pose as Americans, not Israelis. Kurtz laughs it off and walks out. Litvak tells Becker that Kurtz has been happy since Becker came back. "It's not good for him," Litvak warns.

Litvak catches up to Kurtz and wonders when they'll tell Becker about the Mercedes. Kurtz insists timing is everything. He and Litvak leave the villa for the operation's headquarters in Munich.

Rachel carefully sets the bedroom as if she's setting a scene for the stage, then leaves Becker and Charlie alone. Becker explains that while Charlie will be playing herself, he'll be pretending to be Michel. They will be acting out a love affair. She tells him that if she goes along with the plan, she wants Becker to answer one question honestly per day.

Becker and Charlie drive together in a red Mercedes. He says they are building a fiction, and there are audiences all the time. He recounts their trip to the Acropolis and tells her to pretend that it was all with Michel. Becker speaks as if he is Michel and reveals that Michel is Palestinian.

Schwilli forges a letter from Fatmeh and adds a stamp from Zurich.

Michel reads the forged letter in his cell. The letter acknowledges the sacrifices that Michel is making as a martyr, but states that Michel must be abandoned for the greater cause. Miss Bach pretends to extend sympathy and says she can't help him anymore before Daniel comes and pulls her away. Michel yells, helpless.

Outside the cell, Miss Bach and Daniel show Kurtz maps and overviews of Charlie and Michel's timelines, which coincide in London and Greece. Miss Bach and Schwilli have also created fake love letters from Charlie and Michel. The team is still trying to solve one missing piece – the original destination of the Mercedes before they intercepted it.

Becker and Charlie dine together and continue fleshing out their backstory as lovers. As Becker passionately speaks as Michel, Charlie remembers seeing the real Michel speaking at the forum she attended. She kisses Becker's hand, but warns him not to "confuse drama with reality."

Litvak enters Michel's cell, pretending to be an interrogation expert, and questions him about Anna and if Khalil lets him "choose your women." Michel feigns ignorance about Khalil, but Litvak insists they have Khalil in their possession and shows him a faked Polaroid photo. The drugs alter Michel's perception of reality. Michel says he was driving the Mercedes to the Salzburg train station in Austria and demands to see Khalil before he offers any more information.

Outside of the cell, the team listens to the conversation.

Charlie and Becker walk around the Temple of Poseidon. He gives her a blue jewelry box exactly like the one she was given at the theater, but this time there's a gold and sapphire bracelet inside, along with a piece of paper with a phone number on it. Becker explains that as part of the backstory, Charlie would have called Michel to meet him.

In an imagined scene, Charlie meets with Michel at the Red Dragon theater. She tells him to return the bracelet because it's too expensive. He puts it on her wrist and says he is falling in love with her.

In the present, Becker puts the bracelet on Charlie's wrist. Charlie tries to beak character and wonders how much of "this" is actually Becker. Becker, playing as Michel, invites Charlie to a hotel room.

In her imagination, Charlie follows Michel into his hotel room and they have sex. In reality, Charlie and Becker discuss how the night would theoretically go and sleep in separate beds.

The next day, Becker receives a telegram at the hotel's front desk. It reads, "Salzburg train station. By herself." He phones Kurtz, worried that Charlie isn't ready for the next phase. Kurtz orders him to get her ready.

Kurtz meets with Alexis to ask him to call in a favor with the Austrian authorities. Alexis shares an update on Anna after discovering she spent time in Salzburg before coming to Bad Godesberg. Kurtz, confused as to why Khalil's cell would use the same location twice, leaves the meeting immediately. He suspects Michel has lied.

Charlie wakes up in the hotel room and Becker immediately jumps back into character. He reveals that Michel's real name is Salim and he wants Charlie to become his latest recruit and that once she has proven herself, his network will reach out to her and she will enter its ranks.

Charlie and Becker leave the hotel, with Charlie driving the red Mercedes. Becker tells her she must pass a very important test – drive 800 miles, alone, through Yugoslavia to Austria. Becker promises he'll be close and they'll find each other once she reaches Salzburg station.

Becker has Charlie drive to the same abandoned area where Michel was ambushed and transported in an ambulance. Rachel and Rose are waiting for them with an identical red Mercedes – the one that originally belonged to Michel. Charlie wonders what the difference is and Rachel says it's "nothing sinister" and that as part of the fiction, Charlie had promised to drive it for Michel. Becker interjects and admits there are bricks of explosives hidden inside of the car she'll be in, which will be used to kill Jews throughout Europe. In character, he gives a passionate speech and asks Charlie to "do this" for him, Michel, in the name of love and revolution. "This is your debut in the theater of the real," Becker says.