The Little Drummer Girl


Khalil's youngest brother, a flashy ladies' man who recruits young, attractive Western women as couriers for his attacks. His brash exterior conceals an inner vulnerability; he is driven more by his commitment to family than his stated ideology, and his devotion to his eldest brother Khalil could bring about his downfall. He is secretly abducted by Kurtz and his team who interrogate him in Germany and use him as deadly bait in the operation to get Khalil.

Played by Amir Khoury

Amir Khoury is a Palestinian actor with notable global roles across television and film. In 2018 he starred in the international hit series Fauda. His previous television credits include the 2017 German/Israeli series Sara Stein and the leading role in seasons three and four of the Israeli show Greenhouse. Film credits include Entebbe and In Between.

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