The Little Drummer Girl


A powerful, calculating Palestinian revolutionary who has masterminded multiple bombings across Europe. He is a charismatic leader and the eldest of four brothers, striving relentlessly for what he sees as his right to a homeland. He lost two brothers to Israeli military raids. But the youngest, Michel, remains as a key player in Khalil's network. His sister Fatmeh is a leader among Palestinian refugees in the camps of Lebanon.

Played by Charif Ghattas

Charif Ghattas is a writer, director, screenwriter and actor who has written and directed more than ten theatre plays. He adapted his play Holiday Inn for screen and co-wrote the screenplay for Das Projekt (directed by Ludovic Houplain). His film credits include Eduardo Sosa Soria's Sous nos empreintes (2013) and After The Ashes (2014), for which he was awarded Best Actor at the Aslff in New York City in 2016.

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