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This browser is supported only in Windows 10 and above. Applauds The Killing; Mireille Enos Impresses Toronto Sun

the-killing-linden-holder-car-325.jpgThis week, applauds The Killing, while Mireille Enos impresses the Toronto Sun. Plus, Seriable takes a closer look at Season 3. Read on for more:

According to, one of the “awesome” things about TV last week was The Killing, which “rebooted itself nicely in Season 3.”

Mireille Enos — who “thrives as sweater-wearing, chain-smoking Seattle detective Sarah Linden” — is one of the Toronto Sun’s top female performers this summer.

Seriable examines “how many plot relevant mysteries were solved along the way and how many unanswered questions were left to hang” in Season 3.

Citing The Killing as an example, The Oklahoman says that serial killers and crime dramas are keeping the “small screen sizzling with superior storytelling” this summer.

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