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EW Offers First Look at Peter Sarsgaard on The Killing, Talks Season 3 with Veena Sud

tk3-ep2-seward-325.jpgThis week, Entertainment Weekly has the first look at Peter Sarsgaard on The Killing and talks Season 3 with showrunner Veena Sud. Plus, The New York Times profiles new cast member Amy Seimetz. Read on for more:

Entertainment Weekly offers a first look at Peter Sarsgaard as death row inmate Ray Seward on The Killing. Sarsgaard “brings depth and darkness to the role,” according to showrunner Veena Sud.

Showrunner Veena Sud tells Entertainment Weekly where things stand as The Killing Season 3 begins and discusses the inspirations for the new case, noting, “The story lends itself to one season. We’re going to solve it at the end.”

The New York Times profiles new The Killing cast member Amy Seimetz and quotes Veena Sud regarding why she cast the actress in Season 3: “She really understands how so much can be conveyed in smaller movements.” Time features a “Five-Minute Bio” of Amy Seimetz, and Seimetz talks about working onThe Killing during an interview with Crave Online.

Entertainment Weekly spotlights a new Season 3 trailer for The Killing, which features a look at Peter Sarsgaard as death row inmate Ray Seward. TV Equals notes Sarsgaard “exudes menace even from behind bars.”

Entertainment Weekly spotlights The Killing‘s Season 3 poster, warning, “This time it’s a serial killer.” TV Equals calls the poster’s image “unsettling.”

The Hollywood Reporter‘s round-up of 2013 TV show premiere dates notes The Killing‘s return on June 2.

Screen Crush has two Season 3 photos of The Killing‘s detectives “back in action.”

TV Equals showcases a teaser for The Killing Season 3 and speculates that the “new case will be far more gruesome than the Larsen case.”

USA Today highlights the DVD availability of The Killing Season 2 and notes that the show has received “strong reviews thanks to its richly drawn characters.”

Mireille Enos is featured in two trailers for World War Z on and FilmTrailerZone. Enos also appears in a World War Z behind-the-scenes featurette.

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