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Kinnaman Visits Jimmy Kimmel; Enos and Campbell Begin Production on New Films

tk2-kinnaman-qa-325.jpgThis week, Joel Kinnaman pays a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! and continues on the interview rounds for Easy Money (Snabba Cash). Plus, Mireille Enos and Billy Campbell begin production on new films. Read on for more:

Joel Kinnaman stops by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he was billed as “the most talented Swedish TV star since the chef on The Muppet Show.”

In an interview with Very Aware, Joel Kinnaman talks about a scene in The Killing Season 1 Episode 2, “The Cage” where Holder offers weed to two high-schoolers: “I thought that was fantastic writing. I thought that was really brave writing.”

Crave Online interviews Joel Kinnaman, who talks about Easy Money enabling U.S. viewers to see him differently: “The American audiences that have seen me I think have mostly seen The Killing, and this is a completely different character that has a completely different body language.”

In an interview with NextMovie, Joel Kinnaman compares the RoboCop remake he’ll star in to Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 original: “Verhoeven has a very special tone, but Jose Padilha is a very accomplished director that has a very specific voice and this is going to carry his voice.” reports that Mireille Enos’s latest film, Devil’s Knot, has started production.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, production has started on National Geographic Channel’s Killing Lincoln, which stars Billy Campbell as the 16th president.

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