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NY Magazine Chats with Brent Sexton About the Season 2 Finale; Seattle Times Praises Campbell

tk2-ep204-stan-325.jpgThis week, New York Magazine chats with Brent Sexton about the Season 2 finale, and The Seattle Times praises Billy Campbell’s performance in Fat Kid Rules the World. Plus, Michelle Forbes casting news, and recaps and reviews of Season 2 Episode 9, “Sayonara Hiawatha.” Read on for more:

Brent Sexton talks to New York Magazine about the Season 2 finale: “It’s pretty terrific. I think the audience is gonna like it.”

Deadline reports that Michelle Forbes has joined the cast of Dear Sidewalk, an independent film now shooting in Austin, Texas.

The Seattle Times proclaims Billy Campbell “the chief scene-stealer” in Fat Kid Rules the World.

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