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Veena Sud Talks to Examiner; Brent Sexton, Eric Ladin Preview What’s Yet to Come in Season 2

This week, Veena Sud talks to about her philosophy of character development, and Brent Sexton and Eric Ladin look ahead to what’s yet to come in Season 2 for HitFix and TV Fanatic, respectively. Plus, Jamie Anne Allman talks to Wonderland, and recaps and reviews of Season 2 Episode 7, “Keylela.” Read on for more:

Veena Sud talks to about her philosophy of character development, saying, “I want to write multi-layer and not just cardboard kind of stereotypes.”

HitFix asks Brent Sexton about the cast’s reaction to finding out the killer’s identity: “It was very favorable. Everybody’s been really excited, I gotta say.”

Eric Ladin teases to TV Fanatic that the rest of Season 2 will delve into “Jamie’s home life and why he is the way he is and why he acts the way he does.”

Wonderland Magazine interviews Jamie Anne Allman, who describes Terry as “a selfless, vulnerable character willing to hide behind humor for the sake of others.”

The New York Daily News includes The Killing in its weekly round-up of the top 10 things on TV last week, commenting that Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder “may be the best dysfunctional cop team on TV.”

Slate does a character study of Stephen Holder: “In a show of many dark corners and ambiguous characters, Holder has been a reliably bracing force.”

The Irish Times review of Season 2, Episode 1, “Reflections,” calls The Killing “one to watch” and compliments the “stellar” performances of Brent Sexton, Michelle Forbes and Mireille Enos.

Twitch has the full theatrical trailer Snabba Cash II, which stars Joel Kinnaman and will be released in Sweden this summer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Billy Campbell is part of the cast of The Scribbler, a thriller that started production this week.

Toronto’s NOW Magazine reviews Fat Kid Rules the World and applauds Billy Campbell, who “works wonders with the role of a rigid father, investing a potential cliché with depth and complexity.”

• For recaps and reviews of Season 2 Episode 7, “Keylela,” check out Basket of Kisses,, CNN, Gather, Poptimal, TV Fanatic and Zap2it.

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