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Jamie Anne Allman (Terry) on Season 2; Express-News Calls The Killing “Appointment TV”

allman-qa-325.jpgThis week, Jamie Anne Allman (who plays Mitch Larsen’s sister, Terry Marek), talks to The Hollywood Reporter about The Killing‘s second season. Plus, the show is applauded as one of the year’s best by the San Antonio Express-News and the Joplin (Mo.) Globe, and two of The Killing‘s producers salute their counterparts in feature film. Read on for more:

Jamie Anne Allman talks to The Hollywood Reporter about the show’s second season, describing where her character will be when the second season picks up, what she knows at a given time about the show’s storyline, and how she maintains some levity on-set while shooting the series.

• In their list of 2011’s best television, the San Antonio Express-News says The Killing is “definitely appointment TV.”

The Joplin (Mo.) Globe lists The Killing as one of the year’s winning TV shows, citing “the characters and unflinching portrait of all sides of the murder investigation that kept us coming back week after week.”

• In a Variety piece in which TV producers honor their feature film counterparts, The Killing executive producer Mikkel Bondesen saluted the movie The Artist, marveling, “From a producer’s point of view, my immediate thought was, ‘What an amazing feat that the producers got this movie made!'” In the same article, The Killing producer Ron French says of Drive, “To me this is a model of top-notch material being packaged with a visionary director and popular male star holding the scope to a size that only made the picture better and the budget work.”

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