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What You’re Saying About Rosie’s ATM Deposits

ep11-rosieATM-325.jpgFans of The Killing are still buzzing about Rosie’s deposits at the Wapi Eagle Casino’s ATM (Episode 12, “Beau Soleil”): Whose money is it, and how did she get it? Here’s a sampling of what you’re saying:

• “Terry is making money as an escort. So maybe Rosie was just depositing Terry’s money for her.” — mocrava

• “I can’t wait to find out how she got that dough. Was she getting paid under the table from the casino as a beer/cigarette gal because you can see the casino sold that stuff? Cashing in chips from someone for periphery Beau Soleil services?” — Numba Won Fan

• “Is the account really Terry’s? Did Terry set up the account for Rosie? Who knows?” — SenseofHumor

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