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What You’re Saying About Holder

tk1-holder-ep12-325.jpgFans of The Killing are buzzing about the revelation at the end of the Season 1 finale, “Orpheus Descending,” that Holder may have been involved in the fabrication of a key piece of evidence in the case against Darren Richmond. Here’s a sampling of what people are saying:

• “I’m a little disappointed if Holder turns out to be a bad guy. Maybe he did what he did for a reason, maybe there’s something much bigger at play here and he IS clean. He did come from undercover.” — PhillyFan87

• “I believe Holder was not a crooked cop at all but had been recently forced onto the predicament he is in. That is why we got to hear the phone call between his sis and that adorable sounding little boy: so we would know if someone is blackmailing Holder, it is most likely the safety of those two that is on the line.” — Stolen Kisses

• “I say Holder has been duped into providing false evidence because Holder believed Richmond was the killer and needed a way to nail him. The question is, who twisted his arm? Had to be someone powerful. I think Gwen’s father is the most likely one, especially if he believes that his daughter is involved with the murder.” — Rustyroket

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