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What You’re Saying About Rosie’s Super 8 Film

rosie-super8-bike-325.jpgThis week, fans of The Killing are taking a close look at Rosie Larsen’s Super 8 film in hopes of finding clues that could identify her killer. Here’s a sampling of what they’re saying:

• “Going with metaphors: the butterflies are Rosie coming out of her cocoon. As the film progresses she is showing us how far she has come and where she’s going.” — kanriverfest

• “The part of the film where Rosie is swinging and no longer swinging is a message. I feel like it’s a message that she’s leaving it all behind. Maybe it’s a message that she’s leaving Seattle for college.” — Numba Won Fan

• “Did anyone else notice that the key chain (found with her body) emblem is in the film that Rosie made? The emblem is upside down and seen in a reflecting pool of some kind.” — Viewer

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