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More of What You’re Saying About Gwen Eaton


After the season premiere of The Killing, fans chose Gwen Eaton as their prime suspect in the case. In an interesting bookend to the season, following the season finale of The Killing, fans once again focused on Gwen as a top suspect. Here is a sampling of what people had to say about her:

• “I think Gwen knows something and is now diverting attention away from herself, by telling the police that Richmond was all wet when he arrived home.” — June V

• “I pick Gwen as my choice for the Killer. From the beginning Gwen has waited around corners eavesdropping and pressed Darren to open up to her about Lily. I think she couldn’t handle seeing him with other women, and the Beau Soleil dates Darren had just made her snap.” — Tina

• “It was Gwen in a fit of jealousy and in an attempt to protect Darren. ” — LAWRENCEB

Share your own theories about Gwen in the Gwen Eaton Open Thread. You can also explore the entire The Killing Talk forum to join conversations about all of the other suspects in the case, as well as about all the Season 1 episodes of The Killing.

Encores of Season 1 of The Killing will air on Sunday nights at Midnight | 11C beginning Sun., Jul. 17 following the encore presentation of the latest episode of Breaking Bad at 11PM | 10C. New episodes of The Killing will return in early 2012.

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