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What You’re Saying About Gwen Eaton

Fans of The Killing have been flocking to The Killing Suspect Tracker to cast their vote for who they think is the prime suspect in the murder of Rosie Larsen. Currently leading in the voting: Gwen Eaton, Darren Richmond’s campaign adviser. Here’s a sampling of your theories on why she’s the top suspect in the case:

• “Gwen is the shady lady at this point. She knew all to quickly the answers to Sarah’s questions, as if she rehearsed the answers prior to the interrogation.” – Trixie952

• “Not only is Gwen the killer, she has motives. She’s a woman in a male-dominated arena attempting to make a name for herself and her budding political career. What better way to do so then to end the career of Seattle’s next mayor?” – MissMary Mc

• “Rosie was found in the trunk of a car used by the campaign for which Gwen works.. and she is a bit overbearing (or so it seems) when it comes to her boss/lover.” – Lawren Whitney

Head over to the Gwen Eaton Open Thread on The Killing Talk forum to share your own theories on why you think Gwen is — or isn’t — the prime suspect in the case. And be sure to explore the entire The Killing Talk forum to join conversations about other suspects and discuss each episode of The Killing.

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