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The Killing on EW Must List; New York Post Awards Show Four Stars

Entertainment Weekly places The Killing high on its must-see list for the week and both The New York Post and The Hollywood Reporter rave about the drama, while Gold Derby is already discussing the Emmys — even before the first episode has aired.

Entertainment Weekly puts The Killing at No. 3 on its Must List: “AMC’s chilling drama about the police investigation of a teenage girl’s murder is a mystery worth diving into.” (No Link)

The Hollywood Reporter calls The Killing “excellent, absorbing and addictive. When each episode ends, you long for the next.” USA Today gives the show four stars and compliments its “beautifully drawn characters.”

The New York Post gives The Killing a four-star rave review, noting, “you will be angry every time an episode ends” and “these are the most honest characters that you will see on American TV.” The paper’s Drama Mama was “hooked by the fantastic cast, from the grieving family to the morally questionable partner.”

Gold Derby predicts that The Killing “could be a serious contender at the Emmy Awards.”

To TV Guide, it’s a “moody, mesmerizing season-long whodunit.” TV Guide also has the cast describing their characters, while praising the show as “pure Nordic noir” (No Link)

The San Antonio Express-News gives The Killing high praise, comparing the “stark realism” of Veena Sud’s series to an Ingmar Bergman film. The Wall Street Journal chimes in:  “a riveting tale with a hunt for the killer that’s no less compelling.”

The Killing is “off to a very strong start,” according to TV Squad, while Monsters and says this is “how scripted TV should be, always.” “In all its grim glory, The Killing is a great spring arrival,” the Orlando Sentinel writes. It “tries and succeeds in capturing the ache and ugliness of contemporary American life,” praises the Baltimore Sun.

Newsday gives The Killing an A-, describing it as a “smart new cop show.” Variety writes, “The Killing brings a fresh eye to the rather jaundiced world of TV crime.” (No Link) The Contra Costa Times says, “The acting is exceptional all around.” 

TVLine calls The Killing‘s series premiere “must-see TV in keeping with so much that comes out of AMC these days.” TV Squad includes the show in its TV picks for the week. Bloomberg calls it a “riveting new series.” To Salon, it’s an “engrossing drama.” NPR adds: “… just as I came to love, and recommend, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, I’m doing it again with The Killing.”

The Montreal Gazette likens The Killing‘s pilot to “a slow-cooking stew with all sorts of ingredients tossed in, but it steams and builds up into one rich and fulfilling repast.” Slant Magazine believes that “this show seems genuinely invested in crafting a mystery that is not easily solved, an ending that no amount of Law and Order can train us to expect.”

The Kansas City Star says of AMC and The Killing: “And, boy did they get it right.” The Tampa Tribune says AMC “has come up with another winner.” Another four-star review comes from the New York Daily News, which thinks the show “marks another bull’s-eye for AMC in presenting complex, literate, well-crafted television.”

Media Life praises The Killing as “engrossing, haunting and humane.” OK! says it’s “eerily intriguing.” (No Link) Ranu’s Reviews concludes, “The Killing is enthralling…” For the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, it’s “compelling television.” It’s “one heckuva show,” according to CableFAX Daily. (No Link)

A review in the Toronto Globe and Mail thinks The Killing “might be the year’s best series.”

The Examiner gives The Killing‘s pilot five stars and speculates that Veena Sud “may be the queen of the crime mystery thrillers.” Meanwhile, the Boston Globe describes The Killing as a “riveting.”

In USA Today, Veena Sud compares The Killing to Traffic: “One murder, three stories, six degrees of separation, and all these worlds colliding.” She also talks to HitFix about the differences between The Killing and the show she worked on previously, Cold Case: “On The Killing, we don’t have any forced closure…”

Veena Sud tells the New York Times how it was “inspiring to be able to create a real cop, a real detective who’s got the compulsion, obsession and the drive that the best male cops have had on television.” The Wrap talks to Sud about her writing process. There are also interviews with her in amNewYork, Screen Junkies, and Zap2it.

The Seattle Times chatted with Veena Sud about setting The Killing in Seattle. Meanwhile, Seattlest writes about how the show was actually shot in Vancouver. The Vancouver Sun says the city stands in for Seattle because of the shared climate: “Much of The Killing‘s story is told in the rain, under a weeping sky…”

Mireille Enos says to HitFix of the pilot: “it was the most beautiful thing I had read in any genre in years.” She also talks to USA Weekend, Channel Guide Magazine and BlackBook.

• In its review of the show, the Philadelphia Daily News calls Mireille Enos “a genuine screen presence.” People concurs: “She looks sorrowful yet startled… I’d watch her load a dishwasher.” (No Link) And Time lauds Enos as a “fantastic choice for Sarah in this role.”

Billy Campbell speaks to Mother Nature Networks about being eco-friendly: “I try not to drive a car, and living in Vancouver I don’t need one. I walk, ride the bus or I can use a Zipcar…” (HitFix chats with Campbell too.)

Michelle Forbes tells Daemon’s TV about her character and “the fragmenting of her family and even unconsciously trying to re-identify herself.”

• In a feature from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Brent Sexton shares, that “once I read for the director and Veena [Sud], I knew I had it. I felt it very strongly.”

Poptimal interviews Brandon Jay McLaren and says of the show’s characters: “There are no real heroes or villains. Everybody on the show walks that line of good and bad.” He also spoke with

• USC graduate Eric Ladin talks to the school paper, The Daily Trojan, about his acting career to date.

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