Try, Episode 8


The investigation reaches a fever pitch when Sarah goes missing. Bullet makes a choice to save Lyric and learns a dark secret.

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Pastor Mike holds Linden at knifepoint in her car then takes her phone and gun and orders her to drive. She secretly turns on her police radio and tries to talk him down.

At the police station, Bullet tells Holder that Lyric called and that Pastor Mike is taking Lyric to the woods where he killed the other girls.

Holder relays the news to Skinner, who's reluctant to take action. When Holder vouches for his informant, Skinner agrees to pull half the officers searching trains for Pastor Mike and redirect them to the woods around the pond.

Back in the car, Linden tells Pastor Mike that she understands his work because she grew up in foster care. He accuses her of trying to humanize herself so that he won't kill her. "It won't work," he says.

At the station, Holder hears Linden's voice over an open radio channel and realizes she's being held hostage. Skinner redirects all resources to find Linden's car. All officers in the room listen intently as Linden talks to Pastor Mike.

In the car, Pastor Mike opens up about the kidnapping incident in Tempe. He says he was wrongly accused and was just trying to help the girl through detox. Instead, he lost everything, including his ministry. "No one believed me," he says. "They all looked at me like you are right now."

At the station, the radio cuts out as Linden goes out of range.

Pastor Mike directs Linden to a desolate parking garage. He sits in silence, gun ready. Linden urges him to tell the police what he told her about the girl in Tempe, then confides about her fractured relationship with Jack. Seeming to soften, he says, "I don't want to be here. Can you take me to the water?"

Back at the police station, Linden's voice fades back in to the open radio channel. Holder hears Linden tell the Pastor about a friend's moment of despair on a nearby bridge. Catching Linden's reference to his own breakdown, Holder realizes Linden is describing Biltmore Pier. He rushes out of the station with a team of cops.

The Pastor admits that he dropped Angie off at the vet, since taking her to a hospital would have landed her back in the foster care system. He then spots Linden's police radio and orders her to pull over.

The Pastor marches Linden at gunpoint to the edge of a pier, but ultimately drops to his knees and tosses the gun into the water. As he prays for forgiveness, the police arrive with their guns drawn. Linden shields him, yelling that he doesn't have a gun. Pastor Mike is taken into custody unharmed.

On death row, Seward's lawyer tells him that he was unable to reach Linden. Seward asks if he can change his execution method to lethal injection but his lawyer explains that it's too late to change his fate.

While being led back to his cell, Seward suffers a panic attack. In a rare moment of compassion, Becker helps Seward calm down.

At the station, Skinner tells Holder that the Pastor isn't the killer, since he was in Mexico City for most of the year that the 17 murders took place. He also adds that Lyric is not missing: Patrol just picked her up on the street.

Furious, Holder finds Bullet waiting on a bench in the station hallway and screams at her for misleading him about Lyric and endangering his partner. Holder threatens to put her back in the foster care system and kicks her out of the station.

At home, Linden watches Skinner on TV as he tells reporters that Pastor Mike is no longer a suspect. Holder drops by with some take-out.

Bullet finds Lyric hustling on the street and asks what happened to her the night before. Lyric yells at Bullet for telling the cops she was missing, then informs her that she isn't gay and is back with Twitch.

A heartbroken Bullet buys drugs from Poochie. He tells her he just sold drugs to a girl who had her finger chopped off and warns Bullet to be careful.

Over Chinese food, Linden recounts her harrowing experience with Pastor Mike to Holder. Holder notices Trisha Seward's case file, and Linden remarks that Ray Seward will be executed in two days.

Becker's wife stops Henderson in the death row waiting room and tells him Becker hasn't been home in a couple of days. She asks for consolation but Henderson, seeing her son sitting nearby, excuses himself and leaves.

At a bus station, Bullet tracks down Angie, who's about to skip town. Bullet pushes Angie to reveal her kidnapper's identity. When Angie refuses, Bullet tries to bribe her with the drugs she bought.

At Linden's house, Holder ignores a call from Bullet. As they pore over Seward's case file, Linden and Holder remark that Seward really loves his son, judging from family photos. As he leaves Linden's house, Holder offers to take a crack at examining the Seward file.

Bullet stops at a diner and leaves a voicemail for Holder, pleading with him to call her back. She apologizes for the Lyric incident and says she knows who the killer is.

His desperation growing, Seward calls Linden and begs for her help exonerating him. In hopes that his son has additional information, Seward says he will get Adrian's foster parents to allow Linden to speak with Adrian again.

Bullet continues calling Holder but cannot reach him. Outside, a car pulls up. The unseen driver watches Bullet through the diner window.

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