The Jungle, Episode 1

The Jungle

Sarah's past comes knocking. Holder catches a disquieting case. Prisoner Ray Seward shows his true colors.

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Full Recap

A car drives slowly down a dark street. When it stops, a teenage girl chats with the unseen driver and gets in the passenger seat.

Later, Detective Stephen Holder and his new partner Detective Carl Reddick arrive at an abandoned factory where that same teenage girl's dead body has been found. "Almost cut her head clean off," Holder says.

Bullet finds her friend Kallie hanging out on a bridge and suggests they look for a place to sleep at Beacon Home, a shelter for homeless youth.

At the morgue, the Coroner estimates the Jane Doe's age as 16 or 17 and notes vaginal bruising, a broken finger, and a spinal cord nicked by a serrated edge. Reddick grumbles about the case and suggests they pawn it off on fellow detective Jablonski. The Coroner wishes Holder luck on his sergeant's exam.

Kallie teases Bullet for liking Lyric, another homeless girl, then warns her Lyric is with a guy named Twitch. She then admires a ring that Bullet stole to give to Lyric.

Jablonski agrees to take the Jane Doe case. Holder, reluctant to give up the case, says he'll hand over the case file once he signs off some paperwork.

At a ferry landing, Sarah Linden makes notes on a clipboard as part of her job with the Vashon Island Transportation Authority. She exchanges smiles with Cody, a co-worker.

At her new home on Vashon Island, Linden receives an envelope from the Department of Corrections in the mail but leaves it unopened. She giggles when Cody sneaks up behind her. They kiss then go upstairs.

A prison warden reads Ray Seward his death warrant for the murder of his wife, Trisha Seward. The warden explains he will be relocated to death row until his execution -- scheduled to happen in 30 days.

Holder visits Linden at home. He says he and Reddick have solved seven cases straight so far, then tells her about the Jane Doe murder and how her throat was slashed just like Trisha Seward, the victim in one of Linden's old cases. Holder wonders if there's a connection, and notes that the Seward case file is missing. Linden doesn't offer any help. "Not every victim is worth it," she says. When Holder departs, he leaves the Jane Doe case file on Linden's table.

Guards escort Seward onto a prison bus to death row. Upon arrival, Francis Becker, the veteran death row C.O., briefs Seward on the rules as Seward is placed in his cell. Seward asks to see the prison chaplain.

In The Jungle, a neighborhood where street kids hang out and turn tricks, Holder asks Kallie and Bullet if they've heard about his Jane Doe. Bullet mouths off to Holder, who puts her in her place before moving on.

On Regi's boat, Linden toasts Regi and her fiance Ellen. Linden's son Jack is also there. He asks Linden if she'd consider moving to Chicago, where he lives with his father. Linden sidesteps the question.

The coroner calls Holder to say they've identified the Jane Doe. Holder agrees to pick up the paperwork. Later, in a conference room, Holder meets with Mr. and Mrs. Kwon, the dead girl's parents. He informs them that their daughter, Ashley, is dead. Mrs. Kwon bursts into tears.

Kallie visits her mother, Danette, and asks to stay the night. Danette refuses because Danette's boyfriend is coming over.

The prison Chaplain visits Seward. As the Chaplain leans forward to listen, Seward grabs his head and bashes it against the bars.

As Linden jogs through the forest, a storm rolls in. She takes shelter in a barn, where she finds cow carcasses littered across the ground. One cow remains barely alive, and it is suffering.

Seward meets with his lawyer, who urges Seward to use his last remaining appeal with the Governor. Instead, Seward asks for death by hanging. He wraps a phone cord around his neck and laughs.

At Beacon Home, Bullet tries to impress Lyric while quietly taking out the ring. Before she can give it to Lyric, Twitch shows up and whisks Lyric away. Bullet tosses the ring aside. Kallie retrieves it for safekeeping.

Pastor Mike, who runs Beacon Home, raffles off three empty beds. Bullet's number is picked. Bullet offers her bed to Kallie. Kallie refuses, saying she can stay with her mother.

At home, Linden finds Cody looking through Ashley Kwon's case file. "What is this?" he asks. Without a word, Linden gets her gun and leaves.

At the morgue, Holder asks the coroner if Ashley had rings on her fingers. The coroner says no.

Linden returns to the barn and shoots the cow dead in order to put it out of its misery.

Holder inspects Ashley's broken finger and compares it to a photo (given to him by Ashley's parents) in which Ashley wears several rings.

Linden rummages through her closet and finds the Trisha Seward case file.

Kallie walks down a road at night. A car stops. She climbs into the passenger seat.

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