Six Minutes, Episode 10

Six Minutes

Sarah deals with the consequences of her past mistakes, while Holder wrestles with personal demons. Seward tells the truth.

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Full Recap

12 hours before the execution, Seward's execution team conducts a run-through of the hanging.

At the prison, Linden asks Seward if he recognizes any of four unidentified rings that were recently recovered. Seward identifies a fake silver wedding band that he gave Trisha by noting a scratch inside the band.

In the prison waiting room, Linden calls the attorney general to request a stay for Seward. Looking to gather further evidence, she calls Holder and asks him to bring the Seward case file to her.

As Seward eats breakfast in his cell, Becker tells him about the 346 unclaimed bodies in the prison cemetery. "Who's claiming you, Seward?" he asks.

Becker informs Henderson he's on watch until the 6 p.m. execution.

Adrian and Tess join Linden in the prison waiting room. Becker summons Linden to see Seward.

Linden tells Seward she's waiting for crime scene photos that show Trisha wearing the silver wedding ring. Seward asks if Adrian has arrived. Becker cuts the visit short without explanation.

In the waiting room, Linden threatens to call Becker's captain and notes that D.O.C. policy grants Seward a right to speak with visitors for another five hours.

Back in the visitor's area, Seward tells Linden he's afraid he'll suffer a slow death. Linden urges him to see Adrian. When Seward proclaims himself a "monster" who beat his wife, Linden replies she's trying to save him to correct her own mistake.

Linden meets an intoxicated Holder in the waiting room. He gives her the Seward file and comments that the scratched ring is a long shot for getting a stay.

While taking a smoke break in the prison courtyard, Holder sees Adrian playing a video game. Adrian comments on Holder's intoxication.

In the visitor's room, Linden tells Seward that she's sending the attorney general a photo of Trisha wearing the identified ring, then urges him to see Adrian.

In the waiting room, Linden thanks the attorney general for considering a stay. She walks over to Adrian, who apologizes for lying about Joe Mills. "I didn't want him to get in trouble again," he says, before adding that his father is the man he saw in the apartment the night of his mother's murder.

Still devastated and drinking, Holder returns from a beer run and discovers the prison cemetery. He looks over the rows of anonymous graves and begins angrily throwing beer cans at the tombstones.

Seward laughs when Linden says the attorney general is considering a stay. Linden angrily asks him why he was in the apartment on the night of Trisha's murder. "You were there, you son of a bitch. You played me," says Linden.

Linden storms into the prison parking lot, where Holder accuses her of always running away from situations. He also jokes that he won't try to kiss her again. Linden then gets a call from the attorney general, who informs her that Seward's stay has been denied.

Back in the visiting room, Linden breaks the news to Seward, who thanks Linden for trying. He then says he returned to the apartment because he wanted to take Adrian away and give him a better life, and finally agrees to see Adrian.

Adrian visits the men's room to check his appearance. Holder fixes Adrian's hair using liquid soap as styling gel.

Becker blocks Adrian and Tess at a gate outside the family visiting room and informs them that visiting hours are officially over. Seward screams at the guards. "Look outside your window, Ray," Linden shouts as Seward is dragged away.

In the hallway, Linden phones the D.A. to try and rectify the situation. Holder tells her it's over.

The guards dress Seward for the hanging, then escort him to the gallows. En route, Seward stops to look out a window and sees Linden standing with Adrian just outside the prison fence. Adrian waves to Seward.

Linden sits in the viewing gallery as the Warden reads Seward's sentence and asks if he has a final statement. "No, let's get the show on the road, Warden," Seward says. Henderson takes over for Becker, who falters when the time comes to place the hood over Seward's head.

The trapdoor opens, and Seward's body falls through. As he feared, Seward's neck does not snap. Linden watches in horror as Seward slowly chokes to death.

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