Seventeen, Episode 3


Sarah has her own reasons to join the task force; Holder finds a new street informant.

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Linden stares at the pond full of decomposed bodies. Skinner and Holder join her as the cops arrive to investigate the crime scene.

Skinner debriefs a specially assembled task force at the station: 17 bodies were found encased in biohazard bags, throats slashed or heads severed, all female teenagers. He confirms that Ashley Kwon was likely killed by the same person and guesses the killer may hold victims for several days before killing them.

Holder mentions Kallie Leeds, a girl who recently went missing. Skinner tells him to pass the details on to Linden, who's in charge of identifying the bodies, then orders Holder and Reddick to find out if Kwon had a pimp.

In Skinner's office, Linden suggests a connection to the Trisha Ann Seward case. Skinner is reluctant to reopen the case, as it might give Seward a chance to appeal his death sentence.

Skinner hands Linden a badge. "Welcome back," he says. She smiles.

On death row, Seward showers next to Alton, who asks about the "A" tattoo on Seward's chest. Becker says it stands for Adrian, Seward's son. Seward finds a razor blade planted in his soap and hides it inside his mouth.

In a cab, Lyric services a client, the driver Joe Mills. Afterwards, he mentions the news about the dead bodies while urging her to be careful.

At an abandoned hotel, Lyric snuggles up to Twitch and begs him to take her to L.A. High on drugs, he doesn't respond.

Holder and Reddick stake out a street where johns often take prostitutes. Reddick tells Holder that Linden and Skinner once had an affair; Holder defends Linden against Reddick's criticism. A car arrives. Reddick pulls the john out of the car so Holder can question the hooker. The girl doesn't know Kallie but suggests they look for Bullet on the Front Street overpass.

Linden stops by Danette's trailer, where Danette says Kallie never stays in close touch. She suggests Linden talk to Bullet.

Bullet changes her clothes in a public restroom. Her body is badly bruised from Goldie's rape.

At the overpass, Holder tells Bullet they're looking for Kallie. Bullet says she heard a woman crying at Goldie's apartment but warns that Goldie has a big knife.

Holder and Reddick bust into Goldie's apartment and hear a girl moaning. Following the sound, they find a TV playing pornography. Goldie tries to sneak out. Holder tackles him.

In The Jungle, Rayna tells Linden that Bullet was seen driving off with a cop.

At the station, Goldie admits to distributing kiddie porn and demands a lawyer when Holder shows him Kallie's photo.

Skinner tells Linden that Goldie's knife does not match the murder weapon that was used on Kwon and the 17 dead girls. He suggests they tail Goldie and identify the girls in his porn videos. As she leaves, Linden warns Skinner that his wife, Jen, knows about their past affair.

In the hallway, Linden admits to Holder that there may be a connection between Trisha Seward and the other murders. She informs him that Trisha's finger was broken and missing a ring, just like Kwon.

On death row, Seward tries to rile Becker by talking about his family. Becker doesn't take the bait.

Linden introduces herself to Adrian at his schoolyard and asks if he remembers her, since she spent a lot of time with him while working on the Trisha Seward case. She shows him his drawing and asks why he added a factory. Adrian asks to see his dad. Linden agrees to look into it.

Bullet finds Holder and Reddick as they stake out Goldie's apartment. She demands to know why Goldie wasn't locked up. "Did he do something to you?" Holder asks. Bullet dodges the question.

At the coroner's office, the coroner estimates the bodies were in the pond for three to five years and that all were killed within a six-month period. Linden asks if any of the bodies had broken fingers. He confirms that some had broken, even severed fingers.

Seward again tries to rile Becker by saying he tore out his cousin's eye at Cedar Creek prison. As Becker approaches the cell, Seward readies the blade that he found in the soap. However, Becker is called away at the last second.

Holder and Reddick again stake out Goldie's apartment but leave once they realize Goldie has spotted them.

At the overpass, Bullet suggests Lyric stop hustling for a while and offers to help with money. Twitch and Rayna join them and propose visiting the crime scene.

That night, Seward slashes at his "A" tattoo with the razor blade.

At the station, cops screen Goldie's porn videos to try and match any of the girls to the bodies from the pond. A cop brings a DVD to the attention of Holder and Linden.

Bullet, Lyric, Twitch and Rayna quietly observe the pond where the bodies were found. Bullet takes Lyric's hand.

Finding Seward bleeding on the floor, Henderson calls a Code Blue. Guards rush to help Seward.

Holder and Linden watch the porn DVD, in which a male voice asks Kallie to remove her shirt.

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